Who is watching the OA on Netflix

Netflix drops "The OA" - fans fight

A few days ago it was announced that Netflix will not continue the - in my opinion - excellent series "The OA". After two seasons with a total of 16 episodes, it should be over.

Brit Marling, protagonist and writer of the series, was not pleased with this decision. She says the story is not over yet and that she would like to tell the ending. She fiercely says that one is looking for other partners (read here).

Jason Isaacs, known in the series as Hap, would also look forward to a sequel, as he announced on Twitter:

#TheOA spoiler: Hap and Homer fail the auditions for #MagicMike the Sportswear version.
To the many obsessed @The_OA fans all over the world desperate to know when we're coming back - I'm dying to know what happens next too. Don't ask me - ask @Netflix! # DoTryThisAtHomepic.twitter.com / g0mJZAdflT

- Jason Isaacs (@jasonsfolly) August 1, 2019

Fans have now started a petition for an extension of the series. Even if this is not as successful as the "Game of Thrones" petition, 60,000 signatures have already been found (see here). So now we have to keep our fingers crossed that this call will be heard.