What is the French woman's dress style

5 things French women don't go for in fashion

Our gaze strolls enviously through Paris. How do the French women do it? Are they falling out of bed chic? A look at French style guides and Instagram during Paris Fashion Week.

The most important fashion weeks for the coming autumn / winter season are over and we could reveal what women are wearing in autumn. But what really interests us is what do we want to wear now and actually always - and that's pretty French of us. And what better place than Paris for that. A city that breathes in more fashion in everyday life than the fitness-minded New York soy latte can drink without caffeine

Yes, you want to be a Parisian! Because they have obviously spooned the chic with the breakfast flakes - and convert fashion people who prefer pictures to letters to reading in droves. Why? Because Caroline de Maigret's style guide "How to be Parisain wherever you are" or Garance Doré's new New York Times bestseller "Love x Style x Life" teaches less about fashion than about the art of living and loving.

Karl Lagerfeld's ex-muse Inès de la Fressange also believes that French women don't really care about fashion. The successful designer and author of the Style Guide «Parisian chic» at least doesn't want to see any fashion victims in Paris. "With French women, you see the woman first, then the clothes," says Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of French Vogue. Often it is not what French women wear but how they wear it that is envied. "It's more about mixing clothes and how you move, how you open your bag, how you cross your legs - the little things make the difference," believes Roitfeld.

But even French women not only stroll gracefully through the streets and open their It-Bags in a charming way. The typical French style follows five unspoken rules, if we believe the mother of all fashion blogger Garance Doré and her new style guide.

5 things French women never do

1 French women do not stand out

The elegance of French women is called denial. This nonchalance is a question of the right attitude. Anyone who dresses conspicuously is suspicious or simply very young. "You only have a few years in which it is okay to dye your hair pink," writes Doré. Style is cultivated much more carefully and also has an important social task: "It's about appearing effortless and not pushing others out of the limelight."

2 French women don't wear clothes that they don't look good in

Do you feel uncomfortable in high heels? Away with it! Your shoulders are broad, but your legs are super long? Forget about deep v-necks and hug the Jupes. Because if you accept your blemishes, you don't need to hide them and can even make them interesting, Doré believes. And then items of clothing are there again for their actual purpose: to help us instead of tormenting us.

3 French women are not victims of fashion

Browsing through fashion magazines and shopping is fun, but following every trend is something that a French woman does not go along with, explains Doré. She can only get a trend piece in her bag if it can be combined well with her things and her life. “To be too trendy is considered suspicious. Who wants to be a fashion victim - and horror! - stand out ».

4 French women invest in timeless basics

If you want it to last a long time, you should be selective. That goes for love, style and fashion. Quite a few French women carry bags, jewelry and clothes from their mothers and grandmothers. And when you've found a piece that suits you and is timeless, buy a dozen of them.

5 French women do not wear jogging pants

Unless they go to the fitness center. But even there you rarely meet French women. But who has always followed the rules? Definitely not French women.

Book tip

"Love x Style x Life" by the fashion blogger, illustrator, author and photographer Grance Doré not only looks pretty on every coffee table, but is also a thrilling read about the secrets of good style.

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Text: Nathalie Riffard, cover picture: Collage editorial team femelle.ch/Instagram