How do you say happy birthday

Happy birthday: 100 tips, sayings & cards

How do you really wish a "Happy Birthday"? It is a birthday of a friend, an acquaintance or a colleague at work - congratulations are appropriate. But many do not know the best way to wish a happy birthday: it should be personable, sincere, meaningful, maybe even funny. It's not that easy to find the right choice of words and wording.

But also no reason to despair. Please don't make yourself crazy if you want to wish a happy birthday. Fewer words that come from the heart are often enough. In the following, we will show you what to look out for when congratulating your birthday and give you numerous tips, examples, sayings, templates, pictures and cards for birthday greetings. They work in the job and with friends ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Happy birthday: how to congratulate

When it comes to birthday wishes, the gesture and the thought behind it count first. They show that you have thought of the other person and that he or she is important to you. With this sign of appreciation, you are doing almost everything right and you only have to worry about the subtleties of one question: Do you want to wish the person a personal, individual, creative or compact "Happy Birthday"?

Usually the best option is personal congratulations. You show the greatest affinity and sympathy. By shaking hands and making eye contact, you can also emphasize the honesty of the congratulations. A congratulation that is not meant to be serious appears latently hollow or even poisoned. Should it not be possible to wish you all the best face to face, the simple rule applies: write a short card. The more personal the text, the better. A phone call is also a good alternative if it is not possible to meet. If you choose to send a congratulations in writing, a handwritten message is more personal than an email or SMS.

Birthday greetings: sayings & cards

The same problem every year: it's someone's birthday, and you wonder how to congratulate the birthday boy or girl. What original things should you write on a card, what personal congratulations you can write, email or whatsapp? The standard: You write a friendly "Happy Birthday", followed by a few nice words and wishes for the coming year. Finished. Can you do it like that, is not wrong. But it's better. As a suggestion and for inspiration, we have collected numerous birthday cards, birthday sayings and quotes below - sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes short and crisp, sometimes long and detailed. There is something for every occasion and purpose. Let yourself be inspired by the birthday greetings and examples or use them for the next occasion. Birthday is every year ...

Happy birthday: pictures & cards

Happy birthday: sayings & texts

Tell the anniversary boy what he or she means to you. Not just for a birthday, but definitely then. Everyone likes to hear personal congratulations and words of appreciation. They are balm for the soul and for relationships. Be it deep friendships or just nice colleagues whom you congratulate and wish "a happy birthday". Here are more than 15 tips and examples:

  • Congratulations! Let yourself be given rich gifts, enjoy ‘the day and stay‘ just as you are.
  • Happy Birthday and good luck, health and success for the coming year.
  • On your birthday you only get older on paper - keep the child in your heart. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear __________, we wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts and hope that we can celebrate the next 50 days of honor with you.
  • Now you've grown a whole year older again, but you don't notice that and you don't even look at it! Happy Birthday!
  • Last year was already fantastic, but it was only the beginning of what is to come. Happy Birthday and to a great new year.
  • Only the best for my girlfriend: the greatest birthday, the most beautiful gifts and the funniest friends - to you, my dear!
  • Have a wonderful day with wonderful people who will always be by your side!
  • Having a birthday and getting older don't necessarily go hand in hand. You are as old as you feel!
  • In all the years that we have known each other, you have always been a reliable friend to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and toast to your well-being, happy birthday!
  • I wish you so much fun and joy in the new year of your life that you can always draw on it when life does not go so smoothly.
  • May the happiest days of the past year be the worst of the year to come.
  • Have a really good time on your special day, you deserve it - all the best and celebrate!
  • A special day for a special person - that requires special attention: Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart, so that you may succeed in everything you long for.
  • For your birthday I do not only wish you health, love and happiness. I wish you that even when it gets difficult, you persevere and that you can do what you tackle.
  • When I needed someone, you were there - you are probably the best friend anyone could ask for. Therefore, today I wish you all the best on behalf of all the days of the year - and a happy birthday!
  • Health and satisfaction, in addition to everything else that pleases you, a long life on top of that, everything should be bestowed on you.

Happy birthday: short and sweet

It doesn't always have to be a lot of words when wishing you a happy birthday. In the end, the only thing that counts is the thought. And that can often be expressed in one sentence. So if you are not a person of many words, the following short congratulations, sayings and texts are ideal for you:

  • We wish you a happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday - good luck, health and a long life!
  • Happy birthday, good luck, sunshine and health!
  • Love, joy and happiness, I wish you a piece of everything!
  • I wish all the best for someone special today and forever!
  • May you live as long as you want. And want it as long as you live!
  • A big kiss, a big hug and a greeting for your birthday: All the best!
  • I wish you a year full of adventure and happy moments!
  • Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true!
  • Have a wonderful day, a great birthday cake and lots of gifts!
  • Feel tightly pressed by me for your birthday: All the best!
  • Since I can't sing, better congratulations than text: Happy birthday!
  • May all the days of the year be as beautiful as yours today: All the best!

Happy birthday: quotes & poems

There have always been birthdays. Accordingly, there are numerous quotes and poems by great minds, poets and thinkers. You can also use these for your birthday wishes. However, we recommend that you always write at least one line of your own. So it looks more personal and not quite so canned. To wish a happy birthday, the quotes are always suitable:

  • The secret of happiness is to count the high points of life instead of birthdays. (Mark Twain)
  • Sorrow be lame! Worry be blind! Long live the birthday boy! (Theodor Fontane)
  • You already know in your youth that everything passes, but you only learn how quickly everything passes when you are old. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  • Birthdays are the days when you look at what was, evaluate what is, and expect what will be full of hope. (Samuel Butler)
  • At 20, everyone has the face that God gave them, at 40 the face that gave them life, and at 60, the face that they deserve. (Albert Schweitzer)
  • I am happy for you! Not because you're getting older, but because you make me look young! (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  • Anyone who retains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old. (Franz Kafka)
  • Your cradle festival is celebrating again, that's a big reason to be happy ‘, forget‘ the worries and concerns, let yourself be happy and healthy. (Unknown)
  • Today is your special day, on which I say to you from the bottom of my heart: Stay ‘as you are, always happy and nice, then your happiness in life is complete. (Unknown)
  • I wish you for your cradle celebration, the best of the great and the best of the good! (Unknown)
  • A year is up, time seems to be running out - Happy Birthday, I'm glad to know you! (Unknown)

Happy birthday: funny

Congratulate yourself with a pinch of humor! The birthday usually offers every reason to be happy anyway. So why not congratulate the birthday child in a funny way and with a wink. The following funny sayings are great for this:

  • I know exactly how old you have become - but I can be silent!
  • For my birthday, a poem: You're older, I'm not yet. Happy Birthday!
  • We can continue to pretend these are just laugh lines ... All the best and good health for your birthday!
  • Man, yesterday we were still playing in the sandpit, today you will be 50 - happy birthday, old house!
  • Flowers, cakes and gifts because I think of you for my birthday.
  • Anyone who is no longer satisfied with their age should simply no longer pay attention to it!
  • Happy Birthday! It's not an even number, but we want to celebrate it just as festively as if it were a round one!

You can download another 30 congratulations for friends, colleagues and superiors HERE as a collection (PDF).

Forget your birthday: Happy birthday afterwards

Shouldn't happen, but it does happen: You forgot a birthday. In 99 percent of all cases, there was no bad intention behind it, but forgetfulness and stress. Maybe you had a lot on your mind at the moment, were on vacation or sick. Happens. It's not the end of the world either. You can always say hello to the person on their birthday afterwards. However, you shouldn't wait too long to do this. The more time goes by, the less important the other person is. Therefore ...

  • Be quick.
    The sooner you congratulate afterwards, the better. A day or two of delay are not a problem, if you have been on vacation longer, that will be forgiven as well. On the other hand, if you were at home all the time, you should congratulate you within three days. Otherwise there is a risk of atmospheric disturbances.
  • Be honest.
    Show that you are contrite and sorry. A short apology and explanation of why you sweaty birthday is mostly understood. On the other hand, refrain from crude lies. If you forgot the birthday, then you should honestly stand by it. As I said: happened.

Late happy birthday greetings

If you find it difficult to find a suitable formulation for a subsequent "Happy Birthday", here are some tips and examples that you can use as a guide:

  • Congratulations retrospectively on your birthday! Sorry for missing yesterday. Today I think of you all the more!
  • Late happy birthday greetings! I hope you had a great day
  • Even if it's too late: I wish you a happy birthday afterwards!
  • I am so embarrassed: I forgot your birthday! In retrospect, all the best and love!
  • How could this happen to me?! I've been thinking about your birthday for weeks and yet I forgot to congratulate you - ashes on my head! I am very sorry - happy birthday retrospectively!

All the best in the job: How do I congratulate the boss?

Birthday is also regularly congratulated on the job. That is part of a good working atmosphere. Often the birthday child brings cake or other goodies with them. In return, the team often gives a small gift or voucher. But many employees become unsure when it comes to their own line manager: can you wish the boss a happy birthday? Or does it look like slime? Short answer: Don't do it, you can also congratulate the boss. However, there are a few rules to be observed and the boss “right” to congratulate.

Hugs, for example, are taboo. You should continue to maintain professional distance. However, a card, an email or even a small (!) Gift is allowed - combined with the right tone. Does your boss have a sense of humor? How close is the relationship? With a relaxed employment relationship, you can also playfully poke fun at your manager when he or she has gotten a year older or is nearing retirement. Otherwise, the birthday greetings and congratulations should match the personality of the manager. To portray the rather meticulous-conservative boss as a joke is not only inappropriate, but embarrassing. When in doubt, less is more here: a card, a handshake or a pat on the shoulder, a smile that says: “Thank you for the good cooperation” - it's all right.

Do I have to wish every colleague a happy birthday?

It goes without saying that you would like to wish you a happy birthday to friends and colleagues who have grown dear to you or with whom you work every day. In large teams in particular, there are certainly colleagues with whom you hardly have anything to do or with whom you don't get along well. So do you inevitably have to congratulate every colleague that you (somehow) deal with in your job? Clear "No!"

There is no fundamental obligation to wish another employee a happy birthday. The decision is yours alone. If you really have nothing to do with your colleague or don't like him / her, you don't even have to sign the other colleagues' birthday cards or put five euros in the collecting box. Of course it would be polite, if you happened to meet your colleague in the office corridor on his birthday (and you know about the birthday) to congratulate him briefly: “Hey, hello - I heard it's your birthday ?! All the best! ”The short sentences are enough. But you can save the "heartfelt" in the congratulations if it were a lie. But it doesn't have to be more in professional cooperation.

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