How do you age physically well

What happens when you age

Getting older means having diverse experiences and changing - mentally and physically. In the course of life, body and psyche constantly adapt to external influences and events - including aging itself. This can hardly noticeably and unconsciously happen over a long period of time, for example during work or family life. Or planned and measurable, for example when training for a sporting goal or during rehabilitation after a serious illness.

As long as a person lives, he changes. Getting very old can be associated with losses and limitations - and the constant challenge of adapting to it. On the other hand, the aging process is so slow in most people that adaptation is constant. Since family and friends also age, many things also change together. Physical training, life experience and accumulated knowledge can also compensate for a lot of things that gradually become more difficult, even into old age.

Satisfaction and happiness are just as precious in old age as in earlier years of life. Quite a few older people enjoy their retirement and feel free from many expectations and constraints. Some look for new tasks, others are satisfied and have more time for themselves, their relatives and friends. It is important to stay active as long as possible - mentally and physically.