Clydesdale horses are a riding horse

I have already written to you with the draft horses. I have a Shire and have been in the Shire scene for many years. Whether Shire or Clydesdales doesn't really make a difference, mostly Clydies are harder to get and therefore even more expensive!
I have already written that I do not consider them suitable for a beginner ...
The main reason is that these horses are usually only given very young (4-5 years old) and hardly ridden. This is nothing for a beginner. The horses from England often don't even give the hooves properly. Mine is a specimen that has so much momentum that even experienced riders have problems with the first trot .. sitting out is only possible if it runs super well over the back.
Due to their extreme size, Shire and Clydies are unfortunately very susceptible to joint diseases and most Shire I know go "downhill" at the age of 10, although they shouldn't be ridden properly until the age of 5 ... Also with my Shire Now, at the age of 12, problems become noticeable and I expect to have to send him into "early retirement" every day ... The maintenance costs for such a giant are significantly higher, apart from the fact that many accessories are not available or only very difficult ... In terms of temperament, my Shire is not "braver" than a decent warmblood ...
I can only tell you from my experience that my next horse will definitely not be a Shire anymore !!!!

Just take a look at the prices ... for a Shire / Clydesdale from a real breed you pay around 4000-7000 € for a 4-5 year old, just ridden in! With other breeds you can see really good horses in the price range !!!