Which areas of law pay off the most

Postby shuper »Friday January 10th 2020, 8:51 am

The question cannot be answered anyway. Those who have the necessary skills as a lawyer can earn a lot of money in every area and in every law firm and city size. And then it doesn't matter whether it's tax, agricultural or social law. Agricultural law in Munich city center is certainly not in great demand. In the country, however, you can probably earn more with it than with the tax law boutique, which lacks clients.
And even if it could be said that tax law (possibly also insolvency law) brings a lot of money, I am sure that as a (new?) Independent lawyer with a one-man law firm you will go pretty badly without you or yours jur. Wanting to undermine knowledge.
And then there is still no answer to the problem of whether someone can become a really good lawyer in a subject that is not completely of interest to you and that is only dealt with because of the money.
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Thursday January 9th 2020, 10:01 pm

Would you recommend going to a law firm for 2-3 years (apprenticeship years)?
yes of course. And if only to make sure for yourself that the job is the right one. It is possible that one or the other client will also become self-employed, then at least you will have something to do at the beginning and not sit in your office reading the newspaper. In my opinion, just because you finish your referee does not mean that you can practice the profession of lawyer independently without further years of apprenticeship. Writing the first invoice to the client has already raised enough questions for me