What are the 14 countries of Australia

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Australia, like all other countries, is going through difficult times. At home, citizens want the measures to contain Corona to be relaxed, and abroad, too, there is a growing need for Australia to reopen its borders and for visa applications to be processed again. For the time being, however, the Australian government is sticking to its course.

Coronavirus in Australia

The crux of the problem, unsurprisingly, is that the coronavirus has ravaged Australia as well. Although the number of cases of coronavirus infections is slowly but surely declining in most of the country, the south of the country is still struggling with the spread of the virus. A growing number of infections has been observed in recent weeks, especially in the states of South Australia and Victoria.

Rivalry between the different states

Australia is a large country made up of states with a lot of autonomous powers. Recently, however, it seems that the states themselves are becoming mini-countries due to the intensive measures to isolate themselves from one another. While other countries in the world have closed their external borders to international traffic, several Australian states have also closed their borders to each other. Domestic traffic between the states of Australia is therefore more difficult than z. B. in Germany. Every Australian state has its own rules for containing Covid-19.

Shining example or prison island

The situation is confusing and frustrating for the residents of Australia. You often have to deal with contradicting information. What is allowed in one state can result in a hefty fine in another. At the same time, Australia has generally taken tough measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. For example, Australians are practically no longer allowed to leave the country. There are cases where exceptions apply, but these exceptions are seldom granted. Proponents of this policy say that, with the exception of Victoria, the number of coronavirus infections in Australia is falling.

However, the opponents of the Corona measures say that the regulations are too strict and that the country is developing more and more into a prison. Visiting friends and relatives abroad is generally no longer possible. B. are dying, that is possible. Of the more than 100,000 applications for exemptions from the travel ban (both foreigners who want to travel to Australia despite the border closure and Australians who want to travel abroad) only about one in four is approved. The Australian government has stated that these measures and the border closure are likely to remain in place for a few more months.

The tourism industry wants the borders to be opened

The tourism industry and airlines are ringing the alarm bells. Spokesmen for both industries say that the current situation is no longer sustainable. According to the Australian Tourism Industry Council Income from tourism has halved in the last few months. Although the Australian government is trying to keep the industries in good shape with support packages, companies say this can only be a temporary solution. They advise the government to open the borders. This applies to both the internal borders between the states and the national borders of Australia. The only way for these businesses to survive is when tourism picks up again.

However, the outlook is not positive. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said it is "unlikely" that Australia will open its borders this year. The lifting of travel restrictions between virus-free states in Australia and New Zealand is currently being considered, while strict travel restrictions should remain in effect in other Australian states.

Australia high on the list of post-Covid travel destinations

But there is also good news for Australia. In a recent global survey of the most popular travel destinations, the country will clearly win as soon as the borders reopen. Australia is particularly attractive as a travel destination in Asian countries such as Japan and Indonesia. But UK residents also name Australia as one of the first countries they want to visit when the pandemic is over. Compared to Australia, countries like America and China have become much less popular.

As a vacation destination, Australia is very accessible to travelers. The country has an electronic visa system that makes it easy to apply for the so-called eVisitor visa for Australia. This visa can be applied for entirely online, so there is no need to visit the embassy. The cost of applying for a visa to Australia is € 14.95 per person. The visa is valid for 1 year and during that time you can make an unlimited number of trips to Australia.