Is fate inevitable

My fate - inevitable

After Sadie's parents died, she quarreled with fate and downright hates it. When she meets Des, she has no idea what role he will play in her life. The meanwhile is only concerned with the fulfillment of his duties, as fate. But the world order is falling apart: For the first time, Timely cannot give precise information about the target person and Des makes a mistake with serious consequences. Chaos is conjured up and threatens to usher in the apocalypse. This can only be prevented by Sadie, who enters into a corresponding deal with Chaos. He pursues his own goals and seeks revenge for the centuries he has been in chains. Des can no longer submit to his destiny and opposes chaos and Timely. And fight for his love.

Juliane Kopperschmidt has always been fascinated by stories. So much could be created by imagination. Worlds. Figures, special characters that you can laugh about, cry about and also be angry about. As a young girl, she began writing short stories for her friends. Over the years these became longer and more pronounced, while she developed her own writing style. While writing, she can always indulge her creative vein and forget about her surroundings. The young author also reads a lot herself and would like to join her role models and offer the world equally fantastic books with extraordinary stories. Writing itself has become her calling and the feeling of closing a book or a whole series fills her with pride and happiness.