How does love last

If you do these 4 things, love will (hopefully) last forever

When you finally feel that you have arrived, when you feel that there is something very special with the person here, different from everyone else before, then you can imagine everything: love forever, wild plans, going through all ups and downs together and at some point getting quirky and old together.

But love forever, as stupid as that sounds, requires a little work. Because there are things that happy couples do that should be taken to heart. Here are these four important components of long-lasting relationships:

1. You are best friends

Most of the time, love is associated with a passionate relationship - sex, attraction, and wild feelings. Anyone who has ever had a relationship knows that this doesn't last forever. Because the wild feelings and all the butterflies including pink glasses are gone at some point and only a partnership that is also based on friendship will last beyond the phase of being in love.

When being in love is over at some point, the second phase of the relationship begins. This is perhaps less exciting than the first phase, but all the more intimate with deeper and real feelings for one another.

In this case, friendship in a relationship does not mean that you are in a platonic relationship. Absolutely not! Rather, it means: If the partner is the best friend, then he is the first to call when we feel bad, when we are happy or when we need a listener.

2. You make plans together

Moving in together, having children, emigrating or realizing a business idea together - if both partners forge future plans together in which the other plays a central role, then this shows a solid, intimate relationship with good future prospects. You become binding and grant your partner an exclusive position in your life. You think further than the next weekend or vacation. This shows the partner: He is the person you want to live your life with, the person you want to be with in the long term. With him you believe in love forever.

3. Your motto is give instead of take

Often times love is misunderstood. You think about what the other can do for you to make you happy. But that's not what love is about. It's about thinking about how to make your loved one happy. Because when it comes to love, giving is much more fulfilling than receiving. You just feel joy and fulfillment yourself when the other is happy and happy. You don't think: Well, hopefully he'll return the favor from me.

4. You treat people with respect

There are always couples who have a very rough tone with one another. Who don't listen to each other, who argue in front of other people. This shows a bad culture of argument, but also a lack of respect for the partner. Because if you saw yourself from the outside at that moment, and made it clear to yourself that you are sniffing at the person who is closest to us, or not listening to him when he talks about your worries, then you would be safe yourself frightened.

Simple trick: You always have to imagine that you would see yourself as a couple in a Hollywood flick. Wouldn't you then hate the nagging woman and think: the guy won't stay like that much longer? Just. Anyone who once called their friend an asshole (or more) has already crossed a line that should not be like that. Mutual respect is an incredibly important part of long-lasting relationships.

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