Do gray and blue go together

Which colors go together

Of course, you can decide for yourself which colors go together, because it can be determined subjectively. But there is also scientific evidence about it.

For your own four walls and clothing, personal taste and subjective color perception are first of all decisive, as taste is a well-known fact that you cannot argue about taste.

If you are looking for clues, or want to know from the color designers what basically goes together, or can be combined harmoniously or accentuated, you should know a few rules.

It should be noted that there are numerous nuances of each shade. Because every color is also determined by its saturation and brightness. Only the three parameters: hue, saturation, brightness, result in a certain nuance.

And each of these nuances of a basic color can be combined with completely different color shades.

Here you will find an overview of which colors go together:

What goes with ROT?

Since red itself comes to the fore, light surface tones are particularly suitable. That is why red should be used as an accent color in the home and when choosing clothes. In addition to white and off-white tones, light beige, cream and vanilla as well as delicate green and light gray nuances are suitable as combination colors. If you want to combine stronger colors with red, choose fresh green, yellow or blue in various shades.

Warm red-orange tones can be enhanced in combination with a light pastel yellow or neutral light gray. Bluish red creates an elegant, modern impression, especially in combination with white, gray and black.

What goes with GREEN?

Green comes in both bluish and yellowish nuances. In addition to light combination shades such as sand, beige, cream, vanilla and light gray, shades of blue also go well with this. They enhance the effect of the natural freshness. The combination of green and brown tones is calming, while green combined with lilac or rosé exudes a delicate spring mood.

Bluish green nuances, such as mint, are enhanced in their calming effect by brown tones. It gets really cool and fresh with shades of blue.

What goes with YELLOW?

Yellow is available in delicate pastel yellow through a rich, powerful yellow to mustard yellow and light lemony yellow tones. In combination with green and blue tones, yellow creates a natural, positive mood. Depending on the nuance, green tones from light pastel tones to olive are also suitable.

The combination with gray creates a restrained, gentle play of colors in which yellow “sets the tone”. The connection with anthracite also looks very elegant.

Not everyone can combine yellow with red, orange or pink, but it is entirely possible. A combination with beige, caramel and cinnamon tones is very trendy in 2014.

What goes with BLUE?

Blue is basically a cool shade, but can be softened by a higher proportion of red. Basically, all light surface tones such as: cream, sand, beige, gray, but also pastel yellow can be combined with blue. Green and blue tones convey naturalness with blue. Reddish blue tones together with light lilac tones create a harmonious, homely ambience.

If you want to focus on contrasts, you should combine blue with orange, yellow, red or white.

What goes with GRAU?

Gray comes in a multitude of shades, such as reddish, bluish or yellowish. Gray is elegant, subtle and makes other colors shine more brightly. Therefore, gray is particularly suitable for a color combination. Basically, all intense colors such as red, orange, violet, yellow and pink as well as fresh green tones are recommended for attractive accents. An elegant combination is the achromatic combination with beige and brown nuances.

What goes with BRAUN?

The brown / beige spectrum is warm and conveys a pleasant living atmosphere. Light brown tones to beige are well suited as a base tone that can be accentuated with intense color tones. The combination with light or dark color nuances is possible. The combination with apricot is unusual. Dark brown tones can be combined with white nuances, beige, sand, cream, light gray, light blue, or delicate light green. An additional color accent can be achieved with violet or an intense shade of blue.

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