How can I increase my LinkedIn

13 tips to generate more LinkedIn followers

1. Integrate the LinkedIn follow button on the website

The first step should be a Integration of the LinkedIn follow button be in a meaningful place. With us, for example, all author descriptions have the button. When we advertise LinkedIn for customers, we always recommend integrating the button on the landing page. Since the content is in the foreground, the button should be used primarily for blog posts and the like.

2. Use the invitation function

On the company page there is the option "Invite new followers" on the right. You receive 100 credits per month. Each credit corresponds to an invitation and is credited again when the invitation is accepted.

You can only invite your own contacts, so it makes sense also employee as admin to the LinkedIn page so that they can also send invitations to your contacts.

3. Share company update via private profile

Often it is The reach of the personal profile is significantly higher. In addition, LinkedIn is above all a network platform. It is therefore advisable to always share the company's contributions with the private profile and also to ask employees to share contributions that they can identify with with their network.

4. Draw attention to the feed with large pictures

To take up as much space as possible in the feed, large images should be used. Since we have been posting with a 1: 1 format (1000 x 1000 px), the engagement rate has increased by almost 10%.

5. Be active in LinkedIn groups

There are small and large groups on LinkedIn for almost every topic. Here you can pick out a few that fit your own content. But be careful: do not post advertising and do not see the group as a one-way street. Interaction with other members and their contributions is part of this and also leads to more interest in one's own profile - and thus the company website.

6. Place LinkdIn (Follower) Ads

LinkedIn offers the possibility of placing ads with the aim of "generating followers". Here you have very few options in terms of design. There is text above and below the ad that can be customized, as well as a small picture that appears to the right of the person's profile picture (who is viewing the ad). The target group options are the same as with all other LinkedIn Ads formats. Due to the high CPM, you have to weigh up in individual cases whether follower ads are worthwhile. It was not the case with us, for example. In general, LinkedIn ads are of course very suitable for acquiring new customers in the B2B environment. Here you will find even more advantages of LinkedIn Ads.

7. Place Facebook follower ads

Since the costs per follower can be lower if you run a conversion campaign on Facebook instead of follower ads on LinkedIn. With the second, the target is "link clicks" and the landing page is the LinkedIn company page.

It is more difficult to measure success here because the followers cannot be clearly assigned to the Facebook ad, but if no other measures are taken to generate followers, the costs per follower can be calculated approximately.

8. Complete the company profile

A fully completed company profile should be the basic requirement, but it is not always a matter of course. The more that is filled in here, the better for the LinkedIn search. The description texts can also contain important keywords for which you would like to appear in the LinkedIn search. In addition, the LinkedIn algorithm attaches less importance to a page that is not completely filled out.

9. Post high quality content on a regular basis

It is ideal to regularly share content on the LinkedIn company page. In many places you can read up to 20 articles per month, but hardly any company will manage that. In our case it is 1 post per week and with this we can also achieve steady follower growth.

If you run a blog anyway, you already have the content ready. Then you just have to think about the trappings like a short text that arouses curiosity about the article and, if necessary, insert an adapted image for the post.

10. Post at the right time

Posts should be posted to LinkedIn at the time of greatest activity. You can analyze this individually for yourself and your target group, or start with the generally known times. Tools like SproutSocial help schedule social media posts.

11. Write LinkedIn articles and optimize them for Google

LinkedIn also offers the ability to write and publish articles right there. However, this is only possible with the private profile. If the content is good, this can lead to new followers of the private profile, who will later also see the shared content of the company page. In addition, with appropriate optimization, a good placement in Google is also possible with such an article. Such articles are particularly recommended for niche areas. These can then be linked to the company website.

12. Analyze followers and content

In the “Follower Analysis” on the company website, you can see which areas of activity the followers are from - and adjust the content accordingly. For example, we noticed that our followers not only come from marketing, but also from the design sector. That is why we pay more attention to posting articles on the subject of "Performance Ads Design" from time to time.

You can also get inspiration from the search on the "Contents" tab. There you will find content that is currently trending, depending on the target group entered.

13. Tool tips from Jens Polomski

Jens Polomski is a gifted advisor in the LinkedIn universe for tools and plugins for everything to do with working life. Jens places a special focus on LinkedIn tools. As in his contribution to commenting and liking as LinkedIn company pages. It's worth taking a look!

Buy LinkedIn Followers?

There are some sites that sell the desired number of LinkedIn followers for a comparatively low price. Of course, this initially appears to be a simple solution, but these are exclusively fake accounts that will never interact with the content. The purpose of the followers is to create awareness and your own network. The shortcut by buying followers does not help and undermines the work that others are doing to create added value through good content.


LinkedIn followers are not easy to generate. In contrast to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, more carefully is chosen which page to follow. It is therefore all the more important that the content is of high quality. That should be the basic requirement.

If this is the case, the tips mentioned can increase the engagement rate and number of followers. Above all, tips such as integrating the “Follow” button and the “Invite” function for page admins are quick wins that anyone can implement quickly.