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Study: Craftsmen do not fit into the loot scheme of academics and architects are particularly attractive, nurses are sexy, nurses are not

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Head physician marries nurse, head physician but not the nurse: outdated prejudice or still valid today? In the largest single study in Germany, the online dating agency examined which professions singles find attractive among the opposite sex. The result: women are particularly attracted to alpha men with a high social status; the demands rise with the level of education. For the ElitePartner single study © 12,622 singles were asked about their preferences.

The ten most attractive male professions

1. Architect (32%) 2. Doctor (31%) 3. Journalist (28%) 4. Lawyer (28%) 5. Manager (25%) 6. Craftsman (24%) 7. Musician (19%) 8 Policeman (19%) 9. Pilot (19%) 10. Teacher (17%)

The ten most attractive jobs for women

1. Doctor (32%) 2. Journalist (25%) 3. Nurse (25%) 4. Lawyer (24%) 5. Teacher (24%) 6. Architect (23%) 7. Musician (22%) 8 . Actress (20%) 9. Model (18%) 10. Manager (17%)

Bricklayer and professor? No chance

The study compared the information provided by female academics with those of women without a university degree. It turns out that with women academics, men in professions that do not require a degree have little chance. Only 15 percent of female academics find craftsmen attractive. For women without a university degree, it is every fourth woman who finds craftsmen attractive. There is a similar discrepancy in the information given with regard to cooks and firefighters.

Nurses are attractive, nurses are not

Men in occupations with more female connotations are less sought after by women, while women in these occupations are very popular with men. Every fourth man finds nurses attractive, while only seven percent of women find nurses attractive.

Women don't love down

"When choosing a partner, unconscious patterns take effect," comments Dr. Jost Schwaner, Managing Director of the results. "Although most women today are no longer dependent on a provider, they still want a partner with a high social status. Doctor and architect stand for a high level of education and a good income. The ElitePartner principle is based on this approach, we provide ours Members have partners with a similar level of education. The higher the level of education, so do the demands of women. Men are more flexible when it comes to choosing a partner: They fall in love more often than women, downwards.

About the ElitePartner single study ©

The ElitePartner single study © is the largest single study in German-speaking countries. The online dating agency has been doing this twice a year since 2005. The subject of the survey is the attitudes, desires and views of singles. For survey wave XII, 12,622 German-speaking singles were surveyed in cooperation with the market research institute Fittkau and Maaß in October / November 2010.

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