What does Santa Claus do all summer

What does Santa Claus do in summer !?

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  • I have Christmas ropes behind me now. The days are getting lighter again and I have had time to read the letters from all over the world. In the capital of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle, my mail elves first sort the letters, which are then brought to Korvatunturi. Here in the quiet of snow-capped mountains I manage best to read the letters.

    The elves have been helping me with foreign languages ​​for centuries so that I can understand the content of letters correctly. My elves come from all over the world; Europe, America, Africa and even Asia and the South Pole. Every pixie is his own personality who has brought a bit of their own culture with them. We get on well and are always friendly to each other. Diversity is a wealth and a joyful thing here in Korvatunturi as it is everywhere else in the world.

    All elves love the sweet rice porridge and the Christmas cookies, but also the snow, which we have in abundance every winter. They play in the snow, slide and even build snow castles and beautiful sculptures in Korvatunturi and the Arctic Circle. As you may know, the snow is not always the same, soft and thin in the cold, but when it gets warmer, the damp snow can be made into beautiful snowballs and big snowmen.

    In spring, after the warm days, the night cold makes the snow hard as ice, so that you can walk on it well in the forest. Sometimes you can see little gnomes playing with reindeer. Hard-working elves and of course the reindeer men feed reindeer with lichen and dried birch leaves in winter. Late in spring the reindeer have cute little calves, which everyone is happy about.

    The nightless period begins on June 6th at the Arctic Circle, days and nights are equally bright. It lasts a whole month. All people and my elves hardly want to sleep then. In nature everything grows very quickly, so in autumn we can pick a lot of berries and mushrooms. Then, step by step, autumn will come again. My elves and all the children are starting to expect Christmas. The closer Christmas approaches, the more exciting it will be for everyone. Perhaps you will also have the opportunity to visit us and experience the wonderful Christmas spirit.

    You are always welcome here!

    Your santa claus

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