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  • Does anyone know of a reputable website where you can find paid surveys?
Take the official homepages of the reputable survey institutes. Their surveys are all paid for.
Art Lehmann
Www.meinungsstudie.de is recommended, after registration you will receive invitations to opinion polls by email at irregular intervals. The emails also contain an average processing time and the earnings, so you can decide for yourself whether the time is worth the money to you. In addition, Meinungsstudie.de calculates immediately with the actual amount of money and not, as in many cases, with points or coins. The earnings per completed survey are between 0.50 and 3.00 euros. Once a month you can have your balance paid out to a German bank account.
Christian Fischer
I just signed up on this page a few days ago:


Unfortunately, I can't say too much about this site yet. So far I've only participated in 2 surveys, so there wasn't really much to do there. However, no money is paid out here, but you get points per survey and can then exchange them for rewards, including an Amazon voucher, from a certain value.
Take a look at www.meinorts.de. I have been registered there for some time and have only had good experiences so far. Registration is easy. Depending on the type and duration of the survey, you receive so-called opinion points. From 50 points (equivalent to € 2.50) the accumulated amount can be redeemed. This is done through a PayPal account. Also easy to put on. After a few days, the transferred amount will be transferred from the PayPal account to the bank account. The contents of the survey are e.g. about nutrition, new products, where you go to eat, coffee, snack, and fast food, are quite interesting topics.
Yes, the panel from YoVoCo (stands for "your voice counts. This panel is professional, serious and payment is made smoothly.
You can find an overview of reputable panels here, for example: www.bezahlte-umfragen-geld-verdienen.de

The site is very well done and largely coincides with my experiences, at least as far as the providers I know myself are concerned, what is written there is correct
on meinungsfrage.info you will find 40 of them. take the one on the first two pages and you'll have enough to do.

If you are looking for a nice overview page with all information, then I can recommend the page for paid surveys Meinungsfrage.info.

You can find a short, crisp page without a lot of frills here: paid-online-surveys. There you can sort the providers according to premiums. If you want to quickly see all providers who have Amazon vouchers as rewards, then you can find them here!