What are typical Irish facial features

Irish: the appearance of men and women photo

The original appearance always attracts attention. The more unusual a person looks, the more interest there is in them as a person. Often times, people change their looks themselves to stand out from the crowd. But there are people who don't have to do anything, they are bright and unusual in themselves.

For example the Irish, whose appearance can be described as memorable and not standardized. Of course, it is not about all polls of representatives of Ireland, but about the typical bearers of Irish appearance.

Turn to the origins

The Irish people (or the Celts) leave a general impression of such emotional, cheerful people and lovers of noisy company and the alcohol that accompanies the festivities.

The Irish are interesting and world famous for their culture. Only St. Patrick's Day is worth anything. It is happily celebrated by residents of different countries. And Irish music is loved by numerous fans. Some of them are even seriously dependent on Irish culture and call themselves Celtomans.

The Irish, whose appearance fully matches their lifestyle and habits, are one of the most positive peoples in the world.

What did the Irish men look like in the beginning?

Celtic men initially looked a little different from modern ones. Long hair that was not below the shoulders was traditionally considered a sign of a real Celtic. They wore them straight, combed towards the back of their heads, or made special Irish braids. Of course, as in all times, there were Irish people who did not adhere to traditions, their heads were adorned with short haircuts.

The same goes for the beard, someone has left it and someone is completely shaved. Shaved cheeks and chin as well as the presence of a mustache over the upper lip were characteristic of the nobility.

Depending on where they lived, the Irish, whose appearance in general and hair color in particular, were variable, were proud of their dates. Their hair color ranged from very light shades to red. At the same time, the owners of light hair lightened their hair using natural means. And the red-haired Irish just had to enjoy their distinction.

The growth of the Irish differed in height, shoulders - in width, and they were folded in a sporty manner. The Celts were very kind to their bodies and tried to constantly ennoble it.

In the course of time, as the Celts settled in different regions, typical signs could be somewhat erased through the creation of interethnic families.

Modern Irish men

Over time, the Irish, whose appearance was originally very pronounced, partially changed.

Habitual blonde and red hair are more of a stereotype now. Of course they are, but literally units. Most modern Celts have dark hair and red beards. But light eyes and freckles are much more common. People of their type are close, you could say sunk. Instead of the heroes of the athletes came the young, slim, young body of medium height.

Irish are now different in the way of dressing and serving. The appearance (photo of a man featured by Irishman in this article) is pretty clear to envision, especially when you speak to him in person. In particular, three types can be distinguished:

  • Street boys who, above all, do not hold back. They smoke and drink often. And they can easily stick to passers-by if they have stupid questions or ridicule.
  • "Nice". The Irish, in whom their roots speak clearly, take care of themselves, have a beautiful figure, fashionable clothes and a well-groomed appearance.
  • Ordinary guys. These can be found in every country - absolutely no notable external personalities without a particular type and characteristics.

What did Irish women look like?

If you delve into the old days, the beautiful half of the Irish community has been described as follows: long haired women, whose hair was often much lower than the waist, an incredible, dazzling red color. The hair is very thick, so the hostesses found it difficult to wear and cope with this wealth. But while the women themselves looked very impressive - tall and more than a tall figure. If you don't take into account the incredible length and beauty of the hair, then Celtic women were very much like men. And it wasn't just the looks, it was the real power. Descriptions of the following were found: "Women can compete with men, and anyone can easily hold back even a group of aggressive rivals." The writers defined Irish women as a great male representative of humanity with terrible features and a thunderous voice. Despite such unflattering reviews, the Irish breed had a sequel.

Modern Irish women

Centuries later, it's not just Irish men who have changed. The appearance of women has also changed significantly.

There are two main types of Celtic women:

  • Flat, wide face with a flat nose. Dark (often black) hair and blue (less often green) eyes.
  • Long face with an elongated, elongated nose, sunken cheeks. Blonde hair and light eyes of different shades.

If you look at the modern day Irish, you don't get a feeling that she is beautiful. Despite the fact that the girl is taking care of herself and dressed in fashion, "something seems to be missing". Charisma, attraction, charisma - this is more about Irish. It's important to note that we're talking about normal, average girls here who haven't resorted to plastic surgeons and hardware assistance from cosmetologists.

There are practically no slim people among the Irish. Modern women inherited great forms from their great, great, great grandmother, etc.

And I want to pay special attention to the hair. Celtic contemporaries are absolutely not worried about the look on his head and artistic "bumps" - the most common version of everyday hairstyles.

Irish national clothing

The Irish, whose appearance is very peculiar, originally wore national clothes, unusual and quite interesting.

The Irish national dress consisted of a long skirt in shades of red or orange (in some exceptions the skirts could be dark blue or green) and an elongated light shirt. It joined to the waist, the sleeves reached to the tassels, the neck was mostly rounded off with ruffles. The shirt on the shoulders was provided with a corsage and a fringed cloth. And a large, often plaid, apron was required on the skirt. Here is a multi-layered, but certainly beautiful and original outfit that the Celts wore in the early centuries.

In men, the skirt (kilt) was much shorter than the female, mostly yellow-brown. Supreme elongated vest and light shirt. And was a compulsory beret.

At present, the clothes of the Irish only closely resemble the costumes of their ancestors. The Irish only dress in national costumes during family holidays or for themed performances. But mostly they are now dressed the same way as the majority of the world's population. They also follow fashion, trying to choose high quality and stylish things.

The image of the Irish in film and literature

Celts (Irish) are often mentioned in cinema and literary works. Appearance, red hair, characteristic of nationality hair, peculiarities of the face - these are the nuances that the viewer and reader memorize and are used by the authors. We can give the most vivid examples of the use of the image of the Irish in film and literature:

  • John Ronald Weasley (Ron) from the Harry Potter epic. Probably the most famous of the Irish characters. The typical boy who represents the bulk of the world's population to an Irish child is red hair, freckles, and a good-natured and open look.
  • The famous goblin from the band of the same name.
  • Red-bearded pirates. Very often found in literary and cinematographic works.
  • And even Princess Fiona from "Shrek" - in her human image there is only a standard Irish woman.

Bright and unusual Irish people (looks, the photos of which are described and depicted in this material) are popular and interesting, and will not leave indifferent the person who communicates with the Celt for the first time. And even without personal contact, Irish men and women can be interested, you just have to see their photos or an interesting film with Irish pictures.