Why the new day starts at 12 noon

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  • At midnight, the news always says midnight, why not midnight ...
Because you don't start anything at midnight, it's over. Ten seconds after the news started, it is 00:10 instead of 24:10.
Because a new day has started.
It starts at midnight
In the US it would be 12:10 am, not 12:10.
I often wake up at night, drenched in sweat, because this very question is going through my head :)
(Quote Musca, always good again)
It is like with the angles in a circle, above (positive y-axis, or "in the north") are 0 degrees and 360 degrees, both express the same mathematical and geometric expression. It is the same with the time, on the one hand the current day ends at midnight and the new day begins at midnight. The interpretation of an analog clock allows both. A digital clock with Arabic numerals always shows 0:00 or 00:00 after 23:59 and 59 seconds. In mathematics and data processing, 24:00 is not known, after 23:59 there is always 0:00, because the counter starts again with 0.