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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks for employees and employers looking to socialize, stay up to date with others in their field, and move forward in their jobs. Your profile is especially important - it's the first thing someone sees who searches for you on LinkedIn.

If you would like to create a company profile on LinkedIn, you can read on here.

Create a LinkedIn profile

If you haven't already created a profile on LinkedIn, here's how to get started. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Components of a LinkedIn profile

A LinkedIn profile has several main components. You can add more components as they suit your skills and experience. You can also include links, documents, videos, and a presentation in most sections. Here you can find out more about the components you need for a basic profile:

  • introduction: This part of your profile appears directly under your name. You can write a summary in the form of a sentence or list a range of skills for which you are known. For example, you could write: "Work-At-Home Professional, Freelance Writer, Author, Entrepreneur." Make sure you use relevant keywords and phrases so that potential contacts can easily find you.
  • Summary: In your summary you can create a freely formulated description of your experience, your specialist knowledge and your goals. There are two sections: 1) Professional Experience and Goals and 2) Specialty.
  • work experience: LinkedIn enables you to create an online resume using your current and previous work experience. Use your official job title, but include your key words when describing your experiences and achievements.
  • training: Since your LinkedIn profile is an online resume, this area is important if formal education related to your job is expected. Also, this section can help you build connections with former classmates and other graduates.
  • additional Information: Just like with a paper resume, include information that highlights your skills in relation to your job. You can add your interests, personal information, and contact details. Just don't list anything that you don't want a prospect or employer to know, or that you don't want to be publicly known.

Tips for a better LinkedIn profile

Just having one LinkedIn page is not enough. You need a great LinkedIn profile that will grab attention, say the right things, and help you grow your career. Here are 8 simple tips to help optimize your LinkedIn profile:

  • Add a profile photo
  • Keep your profile up to date
  • Ask for recommendations (A recommendation is a short comment written by another LinkedIn member that appears on your profile.)
  • Use visual media (background / cover photo, linked media such as youtube videos)
  • Connect with others
  • Keep your page active

quick start Guide

  1. On LinkedIn ( click on "Register now".
  2. Give your e-mail on, insert one password and click "Agree & register".
  3. Then enter your Names and then click on "Further".
  4. Then give your place of residence to make it easier for you to get in touch with people later and click "Further".
  5. After that, enter your current employment and click again on "Further".
  6. Then confirm your email address by entering the Codes and click on "Accept & confirm".
  7. You will then be given the opportunity to add contacts and follow people and companies that interest you. Then click on "Complete".
  8. Your profile has now been created. Now click on "you"and then select"show profile"to go to your profile.
  9. Here you then open the menu "Add profile area"to edit and complete your profile.