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February without Berlinale (3) : Shah Rukh Khan: Confetti from Bollywood

There is no other way, the Berlinale is canceled this February. No great days as planned from February 11th to 21st, no more cinema, no red carpets. Instead, here are the most beautiful, craziest festival memories. This time: the stars, more precisely an Indian superstar who also has fans in Premnitz.

Tens of thousands of fan requests flood the Berlinale. Some want to come from India, others want to perform dances. The security forces are alerted. Squeaking women with heart-shaped posters are waiting in front of the hotel and on the red carpet: Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, is visiting Berlin!

Love, exuberance and crazy dancing

The hype about Hollywood stars who can never be there enough on the first Berlinale weekend is a mild breeze. Confetti, love, exuberance. Dance choreographies, furnishing orgies, feelings, dramas bigger than life: Naive, excessive Bollywood entertainment can do that much better.

Is it fun when Dieter Kosslick and Dorothee Wenner, the India delegates of the Berlinale, caught the right moment in the 2000s to delight sworn arthouse viewers with kitsch fireworks made in India. A lot of pleasure with an inclusion effect. Finally, women of Turkish and Arab origin with headscarves are also standing in line at the checkout.

While waiting tingly for the interview with Shah Rukh Khan, which he - diva through and through - lets burst at very short notice, one thing is as clear as day: film is a magic machine.

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The romance “Om Shanti Om”, performed as a Berlinale Special in 2008, transforms the main actors Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone into Bollywood of the seventies. And the enthusiasm for "SRK", which has had hearts in the Asian, Turkish and Arab parts of the world since the nineties, creates ties that stretch from Cottbus via Premnitz to Mumbai and back.

The women and a few men of the Brandenburg fan club talk about this when Khan's second visit in 2010. They go to India, learn Hindi, give themselves Indian names and, in turn, receive Indian fans in Premnitz.

In 2012, when SRK showed the Berlin thriller “Don - The King is back” in the Friedrichstadt-Palast, he was incorporated as a regular guest and thanks in a nice understatement that he “almost feels like an international film star, given the warm welcome in Berlin ".

Nearly? The man has 42 million followers on Twitter. His mansion in Mumbai is a tourist attraction. The interreligious family life of the Khans, he Muslim, wife Gauri Hindu, is a role model on the conflict-torn subcontinent. His self-deprecating Corona video on Twitter, in which he explains the hygiene rules using old film clips, shows how beneficial star power can be. Come back soon, Shah Rukh, and don't forget: I have a good interview!

Om Shanti Om (2008)
The candy-colored musical romance with Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone is running on Youtube (German) and Netflix (Hindi).

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