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Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon - All information about the series

"Young Sheldon" is about the childhood of the well-known supernerd Sheldon Cooper from the hit series "The Big Bang Theory" and is the first series offshoot to swim on a real wave of success. We have all the information, news & facts about the new sitcom wonder. Learn more.

Young Sheldon - the series on ProSieben

With "Young Sheldon", series inventor Chuck Lorre has created a new masterpiece: The first spin-off of the famous mother series "The Big Bang Theory" was bombastic with fans and critics from the first season and offers a lot of comedy, but also a large portion Emotions. Just the right mix to keep fans busy for a long time.

Season 4 continues on ProSieben in May 2021

From March 1, 2021, the first episodes of season 4 were shown in German for the first time on ProSieben. In May the new episodes of the fourth season will continue. Sheldon goes to college, Missy finally wants to look more grown up and Georgie is still looking for a wheelchair. That and a lot more in the new episodes of "Young Sheldon".

Young Sheldon - Watch episode guide and full episodes online

In January 2018 viewers from Germany could look forward to episodes of "Young Sheldon" for the first time. Fans from the USA got to see the first season back in September 2017. Whole episodes can always be seen online in a series stream for 30 days immediately after the TV broadcast. All episodes are of course available in German in our playlist. If you miss this, you will find all the information about episodes that have already been broadcast and upcoming episodes in our episode guide. So you can be sure that you don't miss anything with "Young Sheldon" and that you are always up to date. In the video section you will also find numerous clips about the series with interviews, news and lots of extra material.

The Cast of Young Sheldon - Iain Armitage, Zoey Perry & Co.

When developing "Young Sheldon", producers Chuck Lorre and Jim Parsons put a lot of emphasis on the characters. So it is not surprising that Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper and Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, his amiable but often desperate mother, are completely convincing in their roles. But the supporting roles are also well cast with Montana Jordan as George Cooper Jr., Sheldon's older brother, who has to go to the same class with the gifted, and Annie Potts as grandmother Meemaw.

News, fun and lots of action about Young Sheldon

"Young Sheldon" is inextricably linked to "The Big Bang Theory", but it has its own concept - and that's exactly what the fans love. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news about the series, possible crossover options and more, you can drop by us regularly, because we present everything you need to know about the show.

When does "Young Sheldon" continue?

From May 3, 2021, ProSieben will show the other episodes of the 4th season of "Young Sheldon"in German first broadcast. You can find all broadcast dates for the TV series at prosieben.de.

Where does the series "Young Sheldon" take place?

Sheldon Cooper and his family live in East Texas, more precisely in the tranquil town of Medford. Incidentally, there are a few cities with this name in the USA, for example in Minnesota or Maine - but there is no city with this name in the state of Texas.

Why does Sheldon call his grandma Meemaw?

Whenever Sheldon talks to or about his grandmother, the name Meemaw comes up. This expression is often used in the US southern states and simply stands for the mother's mother - that is, the grandmother. Other expressions are mimah or mamaw.

What's the real name of Meemaw?

George occasionally calls his mother-in-law by her first name: Connie. However, this is only the short form of their name. Her full name is Constance Tucker.

Who did the theme song for Young Sheldon come from?

The theme song to "Young Sheldon"is entitled" Mighty Little Man "and comes from the American musician, actor and entertainer Steven Burns. Incidentally, he did not write the track specifically for the series, it was already released in 2003 on the album" Songs for Dustmites ".