Why am I not smiling anymore

9 ideas to make you laugh more today

Children laugh up to 400 times a day. The average adult laughs 15 times a day. In any case, this rumor persists, although there is no scientific evidence for this thesis. I doubt the difference is that big. But I have no doubt that adults laugh less as they age.

Little children live in the moment. They do what they want. What they don't care about, they avoid. We, on the other hand, are under pressure to perform, compare ourselves to our fellow human beings, live according to the expectations of others, have fears and worries. We must, must, must. And since everyone participates so nicely, we are surrounded by a lot of negativity.

But laughter is also a question of culture. We Germans are considered particularly serious. Having gotten around the world a bit, I can confirm that. We are doing comparatively well materially, but that's why we no longer have to laugh automatically. On the contrary, we tend to laugh less than people in many poor countries.

laughing is healthy

There are good reasons to laugh more: Who laughs, lives healthier. William Fry, the founder of gelotology (science of laughter), once said: "Laughing is jogging while sitting."

Laughter frees us from stress, tension, fear and anger. We can mentally relax, let go and just plain be. Real laughter actually only works when the head is turned off.

In addition, a lot of muscles are strained when we laugh, our immune system is strengthened and we perceive pain as less stressful. Laughter should therefore be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle - one that is also fun!

9 ideas to make you laugh more today

I laugh comparatively little. To be able to laugh heartily, I have to turn my head off, which is particularly difficult for me as an introvert. Laughter is also a social behavior. It's just easier to laugh with other people. But I spend most of the day alone.

So I made a conscious habit of laughing more for a while. I looked for fun things that I could incorporate into my everyday life. I would now like to share with you what helped me. Of course, these can only be suggestions, because you can laugh at other things than me. Find out for yourself what it is!

1. Stand-up comedy

I really enjoy watching stand-up comedy. These are solo appearances by comedians. However, I don't really warm up to German comedians, so I mainly follow Americans. I love to laugh at the jokes of Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Ricky Gervais, and Amy Schumer. On Youtube you can find short clips or even entire shows from most comedians. I like to watch it every now and then, or in the evening in bed. Here are short excerpts from it.

2. Funny series

I also enjoy watching comedy series. They don't take much time compared to other series as the episodes are only 20 minutes long. I used to like to watch Seinfeld. Today, Parks & Recreation is my favorite series. I also like The Office, The Big Bang Theory and Veep. In German I like Pastewka and Stromberg. Both are available free of charge and legally at myspass.de.

3. Talk show clips

For a quick laugh in between, I like to watch short clips from popular talk shows. The big American shows all have their own Youtube channels, such as Team Coco (Conan), The Tonight Show or Late Show.

4. Funny books

I like reading books. Every now and then there is a funny one that I can laugh about. We both like to read Marc-Uwe Kling's kangaroo books. Jasmin also recommends the works of Ildikó von Kürthy. I also like Adam Fletcher's view of us Germans from an Englishman.

5. Funny events

In the USA I went to the show of my comedy hero Jerry Seinfeld once. It was so funny! If you like German comedians, you can do that in this country too. They are unforgettable experiences! Recently we also visited the Lesdüne, a comedy slam. Funny texts are read out at such events. Improvisational theater can also be very fun!

6. Surrounded with funny people

When we are surrounded by other people, we automatically laugh a lot more often than when we are alone. Some people like to laugh a lot and that is contagious! You can't help but laugh along at some point.

7. Humorous board games

There are some games that make you laugh. They don't work so well for me because I don't feel particularly comfortable in large groups, but many people lie on the floor laughing at such games, especially since the group is infected again here.

8. Funny movies in the cinema

Even moderate films are much funnier in the cinema than if you watch them alone at home. I saw the Stromberg movie twice in the cinema, although I don't think it's that good. But with hundreds of people in one hall, I automatically laugh more.

9. Play with young children

Since children laugh more and laughter is contagious, we are in a better mood ourselves when we play with them and when we are just being silly. However, you should make sure that the children are well rested and full, otherwise there’s less to laugh about.

These are just a few ways to laugh more often. Think about what you're laughing at and how you can incorporate such situations into your day.

Even if you don't have anything to laugh about, you can improve your mood by making yourself do it. Smile consciously. Smile at other people. And if you can't smile, stick a pencil between your teeth so that your face curls up into a smile. This imitation of a smile actually helps to lighten your mood a little!

What can you laugh about and how do you make sure that humor is not neglected in everyday life?

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