Why was my dog ​​howling at me?

Why dogs howl - causes and meaning

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by: Johanna18. November 2019 12:58

Not only wolves, but also our domestic dogs sometimes howl. The head is placed far back and the "dog singsang" begins. In some situations, howling is particularly common in dogs, or in this case heard. When a fire brigade siren sounds, many dogs join in and almost howl in competition. But why is that actually the case?

Howling as part of communication

Howling is a part of dogs, as is barking, growling, and whining Part of their communication. Some dogs howl rarely, others quite often. The dogs that often join in the "dog singing" include, for example, basset hounds, beagles, dachshunds and huskies.

Depending on the situation, it can cry different reasons to have.

  • Contact howling
    A fire brigade siren, church bells or a siren are typical triggers for the howl. With some dogs, the sounds of some musical instruments, such as the violin, trumpet or harmonica, ensure that the howling song begins. The reason for this is assumed that dogs classify these sounds, which are sometimes unpleasant for us humans, as vocalizations of conspecifics. The sound frequencies are similar to those of the dog's howl. They join in the supposed howling to their own Belonging to the pack to signal. Common howling promotes the social cohesion the animals. For this reason, dog owners are recommended to join in with the howling of the dog. This can strengthen the bond with the dog, since with our domestic dogs the human being as a caregiver is part of his "pack".
    With wolves, however, the howling is also used to make the other pack members their own To communicate location. Also as Warning of the pack a wolf can use howling in the face of danger.
  • to mark the territory
    A dog not only marks his territory with scent notes from urine, but can also make it clear by howling that he is the boss on the property. This Territorial Howl often occurs in packs of wolves in order to signal their power and to make it clear that this is our territory.
  • Loneliness / stress
    Not every dog ​​gets along well with being alone at home. As a pack animal, it is actually not in their nature to be without company. Nevertheless, it is sometimes inevitable that the dog has to stay home alone for a while. If the dog owner leaves the apartment, this means great things for some dogs stress and they start to bark, howl or destroy out frustration even parts of the home furnishings. This can be done by Separation anxiety or through the Loss of control happen because the dog can no longer watch every step of its owner. A targeted training however, it can help teach the dog that it is not a problem if their human is away from time to time. The situation must be stress-free for the dog to stop howling.
  • Willingness to mate
    Males who smell a bitch in heat start howling to attract attention. You want that Attract the bitch's interest and serenade her, so to speak.
  • Pain
    Howling can sometimes be an indication of a health problem or even be in pain. Especially if the dog is usually of the quiet variety and suddenly starts howling, it may be useful to have the dog examined by a veterinarian.

Does the howling have something to do with the moon?

The typical picture: full moon and a howling wolf. Is this related to each other?

Not really. However, since the wolf or dog leans its head far back when howling, it actually looks as if it is looking up at the sky. Since wolves howl often at night, the image of the wolf howling at the moon solidified.

In fact, it is probably the case that the silence of the night is one better audibility of howling enabled in the distance. If the head is put back, the Range of sound waves can also be increased. The full moon and the howling of a wolf are therefore not really related. Nevertheless, the image of the wolf and the moon remains in the head. In the norse mythology there is even talk of a wolf named "Hati" who chases the moon. His twin brother "Skalli", on the other hand, follows the sun.

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