Have you tried Asian food before?

Better than in a restaurant: Our 13 favorite Asian recipes

Far Eastern flavors that bring your home kitchen into full swing

“A sack of rice fell over in China” - everyone has surely uttered this sentence before. In plain language it means: An unimportant event has happened. Quite a charming way of saying that you don't care, isn't it? At Kitchen Stories, however, we think that this is doing the rice quite an injustice. We don't care about him! Asian food has almost made the pizza contest its reputation as one of the most popular snacks. Rice, fried noodles and the like are much more than that: enjoyment, taste and passion. There is only one thing that matters with Asian food: The situation you find yourself in, because Asian always works!

You don't even have to step outside the front door for the exclusive variety of Far Eastern flavors. We have put together 13 of our best recipes for you, with which you can quickly and easily cook the most delicious Asian dishes.

Strong, spicy and incredibly tasty - there is nothing like a hot bowl of pho. The traditional Vietnamese soup is based on a clear broth that is enriched with rice noodles, beef, vegetables and lots of spices. You have to be patient for the intense aroma to develop, but it's worth the effort!

Ramen is not just noodles: A food culture has literally developed around ramen. You can dream of variations with different types of meat and fish, vegetables and pasta tonight and then turn our simple ramen into reality tomorrow:

When I eat Asian food, my choice almost always falls on a curry dish. The pungent aromas can also be easily created at home. Our recipe for red Thai curry with chicken, crunchy vegetables and wonderful cashew nuts can help.

Pad See Ew, Pad See Ew, Pad See Ew - if you say it three times in a row, you'll not only have a growling stomach, but you'll never have pronunciation problems again. Thank goodness only the name and not the preparation of the Thai rice noodle pan is complicated, because it is ready to serve in just 30 minutes.

The in-house production of sushi can be seen as the supreme discipline in Asian cuisine. With a bit of skill and dexterity, you can have the most popular Japanese sushi on the table in no time with our recipe and one or two fresh ingredients.

Are you looking for reasons to buy a serving of fried rice from the Asian next door? The search will probably be unsuccessful, because with our recipe you will have prepared it yourself faster in any case. On your marks, get set, go!

In contrast to many other dishes in which tofu only plays a minor role, this one takes center stage. Minced pork, a slight spiciness and numerous heavenly Asian components can be transformed into a delicious silken tofu dish in no time at all. Headlights on, it's tofu time!

If you have a bamboo steamer at home, you can almost feel like a professional chef in Asian cuisine. How good that you can use it to prepare our Chinese dumplings, which not only look great, but also cut a fine figure at all kinds of festivities.

Summer rolls not only taste like pure freshness, they also make every dinner a real experience. If you don't want to prepare it in advance, you can simply put all the ingredients of the recipe on the table and let your guests roll it themselves. Just in case, we will show you in our video how it works.

Get the wok ready, now it's fried noodles! In this recipe, the mild egg noodles are complemented by crunchy vegetables and spicy soy sauce. The juice of a lime rounds it off with a fresh note.

Like so many Asian dishes, the crispy chicken schnitzel with Chinese cabbage salad not only impresses with its taste, but also with its quick preparation. What makes this recipe so special: The creamy mayonnaise sauce.

Nothing beats the classics of Asian cuisine - no question about it. Nevertheless, we like to dare to try more unusual recipes that taste best homemade. Everything is specially made here: from the marinade to the mandarin pancakes to the filling of the pancakes.

There is hardly a better way to stage tuna: the spicy tataki sauce surrounds the tuna steak, while the cucumber and algae salad is a suitable side dish. If you want to really inspire your guests, this recipe is just right for you. Try it out now!

What is your favorite Asian food? Do you prefer to cook at home or are you not too far to go to an Asian restaurant? Tell us about it in the comments!

Published on January 14, 2020