Can I skip my school leaving certificate?

Acceleration (faster through school)

"Funding program for gifted schoolchildren

While special support for underperforming young people seems to be a matter of course in schools in general and rightly so, the idea of ​​promoting talented students in connection with a possible shortening of the schooling period has recently come to the fore again.

The state of Rhineland-Palatinate developed the BEGYS program, which enables particularly talented pupils to pass the Abitur one year faster in a separate class after class 6. Due to our school structure as well as the related problems of elite education, our grammar school decided not to set up a BEGYS class.

The Gymnasium Kirn instead offers a model in which talented young people can jump into the second half of class 10 after the first half of year 9. This point in time seems more suitable to us, because on the one hand one can diagnose aptitudes in pupils better in class 9 than in class 6 and on the other hand not skipping the entire class 10 with the disadvantage of jumping directly into the MSS. The young people who can take part in the "Kirner Model" are proposed at the grade 8 certificate conference. With the consent of the legal guardian, the pupils can then decide on this path. In some subjects you will receive separate lessons that are intended to make up for the technical gaps that arise as a result of skipping. The final decision to skip is made by the testimony conference after the first half of the year.

First and foremost, we want to offer all particularly talented young people from grade 9, including those who do not want to skip, additional lessons in the "Kirner Model", which are to be understood as an addition to the usual subject matter. It is possible to withdraw from the funding program at any time.

This model does not create a separate elite class to enable schoolchildren to take the faster route to high school. The young people stay in their class group until the end of 9/1 and can use their talents there. With the "Kirner Model", schoolchildren are equally encouraged; With the BEGYS model, it turned out that, due to developmental reasons, it is mainly girls who stand out at the end of grade 6 with their special achievements.

In the 2001/2002 school year there were three students out of 13 who decided to skip two semesters, in the 2002/2003 school year one student and three students (out of a total of 14) took advantage of the Acceleration offer.

In the 2003/2004 school year, 12 young people took part in the "Kirner Model". Mr. Frank (mathematics, physics), Mr. Billerbeck (mathematics) Ms. Paas (English) and Mr. Schmidt (chemistry) offer additional lessons in the subjects mentioned for you, but also for numerous other interested young people.

The "Kirner model" has certainly not yet found its final shape, but so far it looks promising.

Nicolas Frank "

[taken from: Homepage of the Gymnasium Kirn]


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