Why do people buy expensive license plates

Short marks: how do I get one?


A: B 1WT: X 2M: A 5 - they are all very difficult to come by, very sought-after and very rare: short license plates. Tuning friends and other car enthusiasts in particular are big fans of the space-saving aluminum sheets. But are they legal? And if so, what are the chances of receiving such a coveted short license plate? In this post we try to take a closer look at this opaque topic.

The first hurdle is the admissions office

What makes it much more difficult to collect tangible data on this topic is the fact that a lot is based on the arbitrariness of the employees of the admissions office. While short license plates are generally not prohibited, the registration office often refuses to hand them over. In various forums and discussions on the Internet, it is also often stated that districts generally refuse to issue short license plates - however, contradicting this, the authors report that they have already seen several vehicles with short license plates in their district.

It can therefore be assumed that vitamin B can play an important role in the allocation of short indicators. Other car owners report that they simply asked and were immediately lucky.

However, there are a few tactics that can be used when wanting a short license plate. One of the most common reasons for the successful approval of a short license plate, in addition to relationships with employees of the registration office, is the type of vehicle. Vehicles produced for the German market have a correspondingly large recess for the full-size Euro license plates, which are also often called "baking trays". Therefore, one of the best chances of getting a short license plate is getting a vehicle imported from the United States of America.

Due to the small number plates used in the USA, the recess in the body of the vehicle is correspondingly small, a 520mm x 110mm does not fit in here. Now the vehicle owner has to prove several things:

A conversion that makes the installation of the standard size possible, ...

  • ... is not technically possible
  • ... is not permitted under the law
  • ... is economically unreasonable (if the conversion costs 5% or more of the current vehicle value)

If all these criteria are met, you can consider yourself lucky as the owner of the vehicle. If your vehicle registration even states that the dimensions for the license plate are 320mm x 150mm, many registration offices even allow the installation of a light motorcycle shield, which, with dimensions of 240mm x 130mm, is the dream of many tuning friends.

But what to do if you don't have a US import car?

The experience report from a friend of the operator of kurzes-kennzeichen.de may help here, roughly summarized here:

  1. You contact the main line of your responsible registration office and tell him that you got a bumper cheaply. This was painted and assembled, and only then did you realize that this is a US bumper and that the license plate recess is much too small for 520mm x 110mm license plates. Unfortunately, when you asked the admissions office, they couldn't help you, and you were refused the short number plate. However, since the US bumper is already firmly attached to your car, it would be a shame and economically unreasonable to convert it again. This was already enough for the author to receive a positive response within two weeks. If it doesn't, don't be discouraged and keep trying.
  2. Find out where there is a recognized test center in your area, for example the TÜV, which is considered accommodating. Of course, it is even better if you have a friend in the industry who can help you with this. Take your correspondence to this expert and confirm by writing that you will be assigned a US license plate. Now entering a short number plate for the rear bumper should no longer be a problem.
  3. If you know the appraiser well, this step will be a little easier, if not, it is time to show yourself from your best side and have friendly small talk with the appraiser, who can do wonders! With a bit of luck, an accommodating expert will even bring you the US sheet metal for assembly on the front of the car.
  4. Back at the registration office, you can now choose from a list of short license plates which one you like best.

We hope this post has brought you a little closer to your goal of the short number plate! If you miss any amounts on a particular topic, just write to us! Maybe you will find exactly this topic in the next blog post!

Applying for the short license plate is one thing. At the same time, you also have to reserve your license plate. You can do this conveniently on the Kennzeichen Kings website.