Firefighters are extremely strong

Fire Department Stuttgart

March 2nd, 2008, 5:48 pm
2. Alarm, Stuttgart Mönchfeld
Dramatic apartment fire in a high-rise building

A dramatic apartment fire occurred in the early evening in the Mönchfeld district of Stuttgart. The fire broke out on the 6th floor of a 16-story skyscraper. The first fire brigade units arrived on site a few minutes later. Large areas around the skyscraper were extremely smoky, so that the source of the fire was not immediately visible. People fled from the main entrance in panic. Due to the first situation, additional units from the fire brigade and rescue service were immediately requested.

The main task of the first fire brigade attack troops was to rescue people and fight fires. The latter turned out to be extremely difficult, as not only was the entire 6th floor smoky, but the extreme heat development made it difficult to get into the apartment. At the same time, there was a risk of the fire spreading to the 7th floor due to the flames breaking out of the windows. While fighting the fire, two fire service officers suffered burns and had to be treated in the hospital. After the windows of the apartment on fire burst, the strong wind not only heated up the fire as in a chimney, but pushed the smoke down to the level of the street where the fleeing residents were.

The fire fighting was also initiated from the outside via a turntable ladder. However, the installation turned out to be difficult because the access was severely restricted by parked vehicles.

The police supported the approaching firefighters in this phase and helped to lead the people out of the smoke-filled areas and areas at risk from falling debris.

It quickly became clear that a large number of people had to be looked after and looked after. For this reason, massive rescue service forces were brought in by the integrated control center. Around 70 people had to be looked after temporarily. They succeeded in this care with the help of the large-capacity ambulance of the professional fire brigade, as well as with the help of a rapid response group of the DRK, which was able to take over the care in a nearby clubhouse. Unfortunately, 7 people had to be taken to hospital with suspected smoke gas poisoning.

However, the residents of the high-rise were able to return to their apartments in the late evening. However, the 6th floor had to remain closed due to the massive fire exposure. However, the affected families can spend the night with their relatives.

The volunteer fire department “Logistics” provided the residents and the emergency services with warm food and drinks due to the duration of the deployment.

Overall, the Stuttgart fire brigade was on site with two fire engines from the professional fire brigade, numerous special vehicles and the rescue team. The height rescuers checked the facade of the high-rise building for a possible fire spread below the custody of the building front. To do this, they roped down from the 60 meter high roof at the level of the apartment on fire. There they also removed fragments of the disguise that were at risk of crashing.

Applied forces and vehicles:

Fire brigades 3 and 4
Fire engine of the fire station 2
GRTW of the fire station 5 Filder
Special vehicles from all guards
Voluntary FF department in Mühlhausen, Zazenhausen and logistics

26 vehicles
60 emergency services

Ambulance Service Stuttgart:

Several RTW
Special vehicles

20 vehicles
42 emergency services