What is the ideal immigration policy

Trump only wants "totally brilliant" immigrants

The world will envy the US for its immigration model, enthused US President Donald Trump in the rose garden of the White House. The plan aims to stop illegal immigration and create a performance-based immigration system. Young, well-educated applicants with English skills and job offers in the USA should be given preference. The concept also provides that foreigners wishing to immigrate must first complete a naturalization test before they can enter the country.

Green Card only for highly qualified people?

The biggest change is the increase in the proportion of highly qualified people who would be admitted to the US, from the current twelve to 57 percent, Trump said in Washington. Perhaps this proportion will even increase. His concept puts the jobs, wages and safety of American workers first.

The Republican President criticized again that under the current system people could come to the US "just because they have family members here". So far, two thirds of the 1.1 million annual immigration permits are due to family reasons. The current laws would also prevent "totally brilliant" people from immigrating, Trump said. The roughly 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States are not mentioned in Trump's proposals.

Again and again, thousands of people in the USA - here in Chicago - protest against Trump's rigorous immigration policy

Jared Kusher and a hardliner are the planners

The architects of the initiative are Trump's son-in-law Jared Kusher and consultant Stephen Miller, who is considered an outspoken hardliner on immigration issues. And that's exactly where the opposition Democrats come up against. They made it clear that they would not support this concept either. The Democratic parliamentary group leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, complained that the project contained the same radical policies that Trump's administration had already pursued for the past two years. The president depends on the support of the Democrats because the party has a majority in the House of Representatives, the second chamber of Congress.

The fight against illegal immigration is a major concern of Trump. He has declared a "national emergency" and is fighting with Congress over more funds to build a wall on the border with Mexico. To support the officials on the southern border of the United States, the President ordered soldiers there.

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