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Microsoft now wants to buy TikTok together with Walmart

The integration of e-commerce and advertising at Tiktoksei is beneficial for users and video authors, Walmart said in a statement to the broadcaster CNBC and the Bloomberg news agency on Thursday evening. Walmart believes that a partnership with Microsoft around Tiktokin the US could give the group an important way to reach consumers and also build a platform for other retailers. Walmart competes in online retail in the USA with the industry leader Amazon.

The "Wall Street Journal (WSJ)" reported on Friday in its online edition that the Tiktok mother, the Chinese Bytedance group, is demanding around 30 billion US dollars (around 25 billion euros) for Tiktok's US business. But so far none of the bidders has been willing to negotiate this price level. As the "WSJ" continues to write, Twitter has unofficially brought up an offer of around 10 billion US dollars for US businesses in the past few weeks.

US President Donald Trump had banned American companies and citizens from doing business with Tiktok, the ban is due to take effect in mid-September. Without a sale, Tiktok is threatened with extinction in the United States. Trump describes Tiktok as a security risk because Chinese authorities could gain access to data from Americans via the app. Tiktokund Bytedance denied the allegation and went to court this week.

Microsoft is currently negotiating the purchase of Tiktokin's businesses in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. According to media reports, the software group Oracle is also said to be interested in Tiktok together with several prominent start-up investors. According to "WSJ", the duo Microsoft and Walmart is the top candidate in the race for the app.

According to the newspaper, the Google parent Alphabet had talks with Bytedance, but they ended with no result. In addition, Walmart is said to have first considered joint steps with Alphabet. The Japanese investor Softbank is said to have given up its plans for an offer, the newspaper continues.