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MATLAB and Simulink projects



Project management in MATLAB and Simulink

Work organization, automation of tasks and processes, teamwork

With MATLAB® and Simulink® you can also manage projects. Necessary files can be quickly organized and frequently used operations can be carried out consistently with the automation. You can also integrate version management. With projects in MATLAB and Simulink you can:

  • Define and manage project paths across multiple teams
  • Analyze projects and review required files in the dependency analysis view
  • Creation, storage and easy accessibility offrequently used operations
  • Track and control changes via the integration of Git ™ or Subversion® (SVN) or with external versioning tools
  • Upgrade of project files and models in Simulink to the current release

Automate tasks, processes and file management

You can configure a project to run, load, and open files when the project is opened, and to clean up when the project is closed. The path is automatically managed in the project so that you can find and run the correct files. Frequently used processes can be made available as shortcuts for other users.

The project API can be used to create new projects and automate project tasks for handling files - including working with changed files, dependencies, shortcuts and labels.

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Analyze dependencies and effects of file changes

With a dependency analysis you can analyze the structure of a project and put together the files you need. In the impact view you can visually show the consequences of changes to individual files. Problems such as missing files, files not in the project, unsaved changes and obsolete files can be identified and resolved directly in the impact view.

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Integrate a version control

Organizing your Simulink model into a project allows you to perform operations such as updating, committing and merging changes, viewing the revision history, or editing conflicts

Projects can be linked to two version management systems: Git and Subversion (SVN). In addition, Simulink projects with third-party tools such as Perforce P4SL, TFS and Polarion can be integrated with out-of-the-box adapters.

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Workflow for a distributed version management (e.g. with Git).

The project hierarchy illustrates the use of parent and referenced projects as components of a large project.

Building project development and tests from components

MATLAB supports the construction of extensive projects from components with references from parent projects to other projects. Organizing large projects into components facilitates code reuse, modular and team-based development, testing, and independent component publishing.

Projects can reference several other projects in hierarchical form.

From a parent project, you can do the following:

  • Access to project paths, shortcuts for entry points and information on version management for all referenced projects
  • View, edit and run files belonging to a referenced project
  • Detection of changes in referenced projects based on saved intermediate statuses

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Update your project to new MATLAB and Simulink releases

The upgrade tool updates Simulink models to the current release and gives recommendations for your MATLAB code. The Update Project tool automatically applies corrections to Simulink models (if possible). The tool also evaluates MATLAB code and creates a report.

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