How else can I be of use?

Translation of "be of use" in English

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be useful be of benefit be of use be beneficial
The following tips can therefore to be useful.
This information can be used by Portrait Miner Support to be useful.
This information may be useful to Portrait Miner Support.
The Intellicheck Technology and MicroSensor Technology can be used for customers with similar problems to be useful.
Intellicheck Technology and MicroSensor technology may be of benefit to customers with similar issues.
Hopefully this will be the case to be useful.
It could be for you to be usefulto discuss the following considerations.
It may be useful for you to discuss the following issues.
It will be used to prepare and improve future campaigns to be useful.
It will be useful in the preparation and improvement of future campaigns.
In this regard, can be a practical approach to be useful.
To this end, a practical approach may be useful.
A best practice manual could be used here to be useful.
A handbook on best practices could be useful in this respect.
Both concentration and specific load values ​​can be used for the BAT reference documents to be useful.
Both concentration and specific loads can be useful for the BREFs.
That can only for us to be useful.
This book might be for you to be useful.
Hence, this process is for the interests of both to be useful.
The alpha channel can be used when assembling elements to be useful.
The alpha channel can be useful when you composite elements.
Additional information about soil properties can be used for the interpretation of the results to be useful.
Additional information on soil properties may be useful in interpreting the results.
Credit card insurance can still be used in Costa Rica to be useful.
The credit card insurance can still be useful in Costa Rica.
It's pretty informal but hopefully it will to be useful.
It's pretty informal, but hopefully will be useful.
It can to be useful, you'll see.
We could both to be useful.
These pathetic things cannot be impossible for you to be useful.
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