Muslim people recite the Holy Quran

The Koran is the message of Allah for Muslims. Therefore he is very important to Muslims. Like the Jews the Torah, so many Muslims try to read and understand the Koran as often as possible.

The Koran reports on creation and describes what Allah is like - for example, merciful and just. In addition, the Koran speaks of many prophets who also appear in the Hebrew Bible.
The messages from Allah are also called revelations. They also contain some rules and commandments for the people. For example, they encourage people to do good and avoid bad. People should live together honestly, patiently, modestly and peacefully.

The Koran consists of 114 chapters in total. They are called suras. Each sura is divided into verses. Your name is Aya. The word "Koran" (qur’an) means “what is presented” or “what is to be read”. That is Arabic and the language of the Koran.

The suras of the Koran are recited in a special way. It sounds a bit like music. There are even specific rules for the pronunciation and accentuation of the letters. Many Muslims learn this and can then recite the Koran very well. This sounds very nice.

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