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Family support

Parental assistance is an outpatient service that supports parents even before the birth. It is established throughout Berlin as early help within the child protection network and starts at the interface between youth welfare and health.

Difficult life situations

She accompanies first-time mothers in difficult life situations. In addition, parental assistance can also turn to mentally ill or drug-dependent pregnant women, unwanted pregnant women, women with a difficult pregnancy or women with multiple births.

Parent competence

In close cooperation with socio-educational specialists with midwives and family midwives, who support parents with all questions relating to their new life situation, the offer promotes parenting skills and strengthens the parents' self-help potential. The aim is to achieve an independent lifestyle with the child and, together with the parents, to create the best possible starting conditions for the child and thus to prevent critical developments.

Parental assistance ends around five months after the birth. It is not tied to an application, it is voluntary, but binding, and free of charge for families.

Description of the service through the provision of outreach parental assistance
The description of the service formulated by the AEH working group (members include implementing agencies and specialist agencies of the youth welfare offices) can be found here: