Are white eggs not vegetarian

Is protein actually vegan?

"Protein" is not necessarily from the animal. Image: K / Vegpool

Almost all foods contain protein. A look at the nutritional information of a product shows how much protein it contains. It is interesting that not only eggs contain "protein", but also bread, spreads, sweets - almost all foods! Some people start pondering and wonder whether products with protein are actually vegan - after all, egg is an animal product and therefore not vegan.

The question is justified as the term "protein" is indeed a bit misleading. Because colloquially, the clear part of chicken eggs is also known as protein.

Today, however, experts speak of "protein" instead of "protein". And proteins are found in both plant-based foods and animal products. No form of life can do without proteins!

The term "protein" is out of date.

The term "protein" is therefore actually out of date and probably dates back to times when not much was known about proteins in plants. Perhaps it was assumed at the time that only chicken eggs contained protein. Perhaps this mistake is still one of the reasons why many people mistakenly view eggs as a healthy source of protein.

The fact is that the term "protein" in the nutritional information of a food says nothing about whether the product is vegan or not. However, if the "protein" is in the list of ingredients (and without more precise labeling such as "soy protein"), then one can assume that it is egg white from hen's eggs. The designation without further details is, however, legally questionable. Ingredients made from eggs must also be labeled as allergens and highlighted.

By the way: The slimy, transparent part of the chicken egg is correctly referred to as "egg white".

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Author: Kilian Thirty