Maids steal from hotel rooms

Order of housekeeping in the hotel for maids. Cleaning standards for maids

Maid harvest norms for changing about 12-16 numbers, depending on the status of employment. The cleaning of the "Apartment" room is considered to be the cleaning of two single rooms. "Suit" - as cleaning three one-room numbers. Time cleaning rate:

number of uses - about 15-20 minutes;

a room number after the customer departure is about 20-30 minutes.

These standards are advisory. It is clear that no one is standing in front of the maid with a stopwatch. If you have to spend the space a little longer, it will be done. The main goal is to clean the premises. In this regard, there are certain difficulties in distributing maiden labor with an accuracy of a number or strictly in time. As a rule, the total number of rooms is divided into sectors where there may be busy, available rooms, the rooms that require preparations for the arrival of VIP people, etc. Of course, the amount of work in the listed status of the numbers is different. An experienced supervisor tries, if possible, to distribute the load evenly between the employees and never forget to compensate employees for their possible processing.

In order to monitor the quality of the number cleaning, the supervisors are also given appropriate tasks. Depending on the volume of work, supervisors are given one, two or more sheets, which means controlling and testing the work of maids multiple floors.

The work on the distribution of duties for maids and supervisors should be strictly completed by the beginning of the 1st shift. At this point, all employees should already be in uniform. Along with the tasks, maid and supervisors receive the service keys necessary for the work.

Most hotels adhere to the following order of housekeeping:

First of all there is a cleaning of numbers, which has "Please remove my number" (Eng. "Please turn off my room") on the door sign;

Then cleaning in the free, reserved, waiting guests as well as in the rooms that are temporarily not operated for any reason (repaired);

After that, cleaning takes place in rooms that are occupied by guests.

This order in the purification of numbers is not random and is believed to be for a number of reasons.

It is clear that the customer's wish in the first case is the law for hotel staff, so it is logical that the maids first remove the numbers with a sign "Please remove my number. It is advisable to keep such a number short Time to remove (no more than 20 minutes), since guests often post such a sign and leave the number for a short time (for example, for breakfast) and return, you want to see their room already tied. Crazy cleaning such a number two maids to speed up work and not create the inconvenience of life.

Next, it is advisable to remove the free, booked, pay "under check-in" as it is too early to clean the accommodation spaces at 7, 8, 9 too early. The guests at this point are just awake, laying down in order, breakfast, preparing for maintenance, etc. And they shouldn't be disturbed. It is better to devote yourself to checking the state of the rooms that are waiting for guests, especially since guests can come to them at any time.

Mother on the door of the room 3 times to make sure there is no guest, open the door of the room.

A hair in the bathroom can spoil the impression of a nice hotel. The impeccable cleanliness of the rooms is the basis of the hotel's reputation, and the maids who can not visit themselves in no time perfect beauty. How to refuel the bed quickly? How can I remove the bottle and clean the drain?
Life alright
The MAID removes up to 20 numbers to move, a maximum of half an hour each. In order not to lose a minute and not spoil your work, you need to observe a clear sequence of actions. Start with Dirty: the trash throw the trash, looked at the bedspread. As the dust settles, the maid adds in contaminated surfaces in the bathroom during the chemistry, leaving the tools affected. The rash is better to check and leave the bathroom - so it is predicted too.

Returning to the room, the maiden hits the bed. Then you need to wipe the dust and speakers: first visible dirty places, then - the entire room is complete; Move the council a far corner to the door.
After drying, you can do wet cleaning. The final barcode is to fix items so that everything was neat and the window opens. While the room is ventilated, you need to finish the bathroom.
Tip: In order not to forget anything, do not forget it during cleaning, it is worth passing in each room or counterclockwise.

Organize the perfect bed
Bed - the main thing is not only hotel rooms, such as bedrooms in the apartment. And if you can afford the creative mayhem at home, then the bed in the hotel should look perfect. Depending on the size of the beds, the hotel will choose a certain amount of relocation.
Standard beds are more often covered with European the following: on the ground floor (better stretched), then the quilt covered in a duvet in a duvet and on top (often not on the entire bed, but only in the legs, sachet or track).

For king-size beds, it is more convenient for the American way: the quilt is not padded into a duvet cover in a duvet and on the second, the top sheet. You can put a thick decorative fabric on a thin blanket; it can also be used as a bedspread.
In both cases, sheets and blankets need to be stretched like string with the help of hospital equipment.

A duvet cover in hotels is refilled in the traditional way - insert two corners of the cover and shake sharply.
Tip: In order to avoid the mattresses failing in the course of continuous operation, they are twisted into the quarters in hotels. Do the same at home.

Old toothbrushes are an idea.
In every maid's arsenal, even in most of the most dear hotels, there are old toothbrushes. They are most convenient to clean the bathroom drain hole and sink hole, come hard-to-reach places.
Many hotels specifically raise furniture above the floor-mounted toilets and sinks, which make cleaning much easier. However, when there is something on the floor, the toothbrush is essential for cleaning complex places. Cotton helps in particularly remote locations.

Economic issues
With competent cleaning you can reduce costs. For example, toilet paper that has been turned off the wall is more economical to use than the wall hanging.
Penka is more profitable than liquid soap, and for paper towels it is advisable to start and configure the dispenser with the mind.
At the same time, it is not necessary to skimp on quality: rags, sponges, gloves should be durable, the curmudgeon pays twice. Universal chemistry - the subject is controversial. You shouldn't succumb to advertising tricks and start a bubble for every action, but we need our own funds for different surfaces: for ceramics - based on acid, for tiles and chromium - based on alkali, for mirrors - with a neutral pH value. Sponges are with a different abrasive: a new bath is better to wash with white abrasive, old - can be green.
Check: in?
The bed glows, the floor is washed away, the mirrors sparkle, but something that is elusive does not allow one to believe in purity. The room will never look perfect with dirt left in hard-to-reach places.
How long did you clean the door loops? And corners, gaps, walls? Curtains, indoor plants? General cleaning is required from time to time. Again, have his tricks. For example, if you wash the window vertically from the inside inside, and outside horizontally, it is easy to determine which side it will not wash. The polyrology is applied along the tree fibers on the surface that has been cleaned of dust and fingerprints. Mirrors are checked by steam: the mist amount shows divorces and drops.

Attention to detail
Professional maid is very observable. IN the best hotels. The world has an individual service because only the maid can learn the habits and preferences of the customer.
For example, in an Austrian castle there is a rule: if there is two days in a trash can in a row of the same candy, he will receive a box with the gift. Of course, there is no point in digging yourself into the trash at home, but as it will be pleasant to fall in love with the perfume in the return or to discuss a new book found in a pile of piles.

It is a sequence of cleaning numbers. Usually the hotel usually has one or more cleaners or maids who serve a few numbers. First of all, according to the schedule, they should bring cleanliness to the rooms booked today. Then they go to the rooms that were only released by guests. Finally, there is a purification of numbers that someone lives in.

In the event that the guests do not want to be cleaned in their numbers, they can hang a "do not disturb" or "do not disturb" sign on the door. If you need cleaning, put a sign on the other side - it is usually written on it that you want to order in the room. If the record hangs "do not disturb", the MAID should under no circumstances go into your number according to the rules.

In the absence of a plate, the Maif usually knocks on the door, and if there is someone in the room, he asks permission to make cleaned, or finds out when the guests, to reach the guests, are meant to be.

Technology cleanup.

There is a certain set of actions that goes into the number of the service sequence. There's an air room, a change in bedding, towels, dusting surfaces off, the bathroom and bathroom clean, and if there are plants in the room then take care of them.

When there are a couple of rooms in the room, the maiden begins with the fact that the underwear changes in the bedroom. Then all other rooms are served again. The latter in the queue is the bathroom and the bathroom. Windows are usually open all the time during cleaning to ventilate the room. If the room has air conditioning, the MAID IT includes cleaning time but the windows do not open.

Spring cleaning

General cleaning of the room is carried out no less than once a week or 10 days. It is never held when someone is living in the room. It includes wet cleaning, cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture as well as the treatment of the bathroom and the bathroom with special means.

Additional services

It happens that guests need additional cleaning. It is done in the afternoon, sometimes it just happens for an additional fee. Washing of personal items and linen guests, paid for from a separate account. When the guest's underwear has been boiled for washing, the maid puts it in the package, which the elder maid then transfers, and she already sends it to the laundry. The elderly maid also assesses the cost of the laundry and prescribes receipt for payment.

As a rule, on each floor of the hotel there is a special room where you can caress underwear or use household appliances on your own. Usually this is not calculated for this fee.

Not always hotels of the hotel understand that during the regular cleaning of the room it is possible and what is not. Of course, every hotel has its own standards, but in practice the employees don't always follow them. Ultimately, the wrong service becomes a cause of the dissatisfaction many of which leave negative hotel reviews.

Below we provide basic cleaning practices, skills and treatments that will help the hotel consolidate a positive reputation. The list is particularly useful for small hotel structures where strict cleaning rules have not been developed.

That, if the cleaning can be:

Garbage collection:

It is necessary to throw out the garbage accumulated in special baskets, the contents of all URNs by default are considered unnecessary and therefore require elimination. In addition, customers often leave large garbage objects (for example on the factor of food), not inside. All of this is also cleansing. When doubts arise in the harvesting process as to whether an item needs a customer, it is better not to touch it. Next to the dumpster, customers can leave empty boxes to avoid misunderstandings, they don't have to throw them away.

As an example, you can bring the following case. In a hotel, a cardboard box was thrown from the laptop purchased by the customer. Subsequently, a marriage was discovered in the product, the man decided to return it to the store, but the lack of a box from under a laptop made it impossible to return. As a result, the customer asked for compensation.


If during the harvesting process was discovered on the ground, one thing was discovered, it should be neatly laid out on the tube, the back of the chair, or the bed. Litter shoes should be placed along the base, but it is necessary to do it so that the customer does not trip on it. The basic recommendation is that all things should be in sight of the guest. It is not acceptable to put them in the pockets, fold them, hang them in the closets, etc.

Hygiene advocates:

With regard to hygienic accessories, when cleaning, the staff can only correct them. For example, a toothbrush can be inserted into a special glass at the end on the left. Shampoos and bath tools can be placed on the side of the bathroom. Cleaning and cosmetic supplies can be placed on a toilet towel. In no case do not need to bring hygiene and cosmetics into the owner's cosmetics, it is with the appearance of undesirable incidents. Often the situation when customers accuse the hotel staff of the disappearance of expensive cosmetics. Subsequently, it turned out that the maid had moved cosmetic cosmetics to another location.

This is impossible during cleaning:

When keeping hotel cleaning staff, it is important to understand the limits of what is allowed. So the maid should in no way touch any of the following:

Electronic devices, medicines, valuable items:

Movement money, various values, keys, jewelry can cause the owner's concern. The customer can accuse the hotel staff with invisible intentions. Of course in hotels there is a warning that the loss of things outside the safe is unattended, the hotel is not responsible. However, as a practice, guests in hotels often show complaints about the disappearance of personal items, money, jewels that remain in the room. Some clients knowingly make a false accusation of staff in the hope of obtaining compensation, it is better not to provoke such incidents.

The case is known when the maid in a hotel threw the packaging of a rare and expensive medicine. The box appeared to be an empty maid, but there were still a few pills left. Much effort has been made from the hotel to ensure the delivery of a vital drug to the customer. However, such a story can provide a great deal. For electronics, customer complaints are not unconscious, so staff move and use devices.

Bags, suitcases, wallets:

The hotel staff should in no way move these items of the guests, wallets and purses should not be folded in furniture boxes. Such actions can be viewed as theft and therefore lead to conflict situations. You should not open the cabinets that the client is using unless you need to. It is permissible to do this only in order to replace economical accessories (for example, bags for laundry). You can also put the iron, the ironing board.

In one of the hotels in the cleaning of the cleaning area, you place the evening handbag customer in the chest drawer. However, the customer did not use these boxes and later forgot to pick up a handbag that contained precious earrings.Earrings specially selected under the evening dress for the celebration of the anniversary, the hotel was charged with a collapse of events.

Mugs, cups, glasses:

The staff must not be taken into the room of the dishes in which there is a content. The thing is, customers often leave contact lenses and decorations in cups. By inattentiveness, the maid can throw away the necessary and expensive things. There were situations in which the girls poured what seemed to them water out of the glasses. However, the contents of the container turned out to be grout with contact lenses of the guest or a drug. In order to avoid such stories, each hotel must prescribe its internal recommendations for employees regarding the cleaning rules, thereby this will help to avoid unpleasant situations.

Not so long ago, the sensational video was discussed on social networks, created by a guest at one of the American hotels. The customer returned from the room for a walk, but left the capable video camera on his laptop. During the following point of view, the video turned out that the may, who has familiarized himself with the contents of his suitcase, use the game prefix and the laptop with the personal package, watch the personal package. In the future, the customer sent the video to the tour of the hotel and also put a video on YouTube in which this video received more than 15 million views. Unsurprisingly, the role received a large number of negative comments from internet users. Vince Straviks, the author of the scandalous video, did not advertise the name of the hotel and only pointed to the fact that this hotel chain is very famous.

All of this cannot affect the reputation of hotels as a whole. One commenter wrote, "For this reason I do not use the services of hotels." Another user commented on the video as follows: "In the hotel, I cannot allow you to enter the surveillance to clean, I myself take a towel to the front desk." It is unknown how this story turned out to be an employee who appeared in the video, but the video clearly did not add a reputation to the hotel business.

In light of the above, it is necessary to understand how important standards are for hotels, including on cleaning issues. Individual rules help staff do their job properly, which increases the hotel's reputation and helps minimize the occurrence of undesirable situations. In order to control the following personnel standards, it is much easier to control the following personnel standards than to solve problems arising in the service.

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Most hotels adhere to the following order of housekeeping:

  • - First of all clean, with the numbers holding the door of the sign "Please remove my number" (English "Please remove my room");
  • "Cleaning in free, reserved rooms as well as in rooms that are temporarily inoperative for whatever reason (repaired);
  • -Dellets are cleaned by numbers after customers leave;
  • - After this cleaning in rooms occupied by guests.

This order in the purification of numbers is not random and is believed to be for a number of reasons.

It is clear that the wish of the customer in the first case is the law for the hotel staff, so it is logical that the maids first remove the numbers with a sign "Please remove my number. It is advisable to keep such a number short Time (not more than 20 minutes) to remove already tied. It is rational to charge the cleaning of such a number with two maids, to speed up the work, to speed up the work and not create the inconveniences of life. Agility to this Time is just awakened, they lie down in order, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast, preparation for maintenance. And they should not be impaired. It is better to devote yourself to checking the state of the rooms, waiting for guests, especially since guests can come to them at any time.The maid is in the free rooms every day: wipe off the dust, check the health of all equipment. In addition, the maiden's duties enter into all plumbing fixtures in the water, and then wipe them dry.

The arrival state prepared for arrival necessarily controls the supervisor. Control, control and control again! - the motto under which the housekeeping works good hotel. Better to check again than allow a rough mistake. The arrival of the guest in an unlocked room is, in fact, considered to be very serious evidence, in fact an emergency, with serious consequences for those who allow such a mistake to settle in the reception and placement service. Gel-drilled rooms must be removed by 12 noon.

Then the girls start cleaning the rooms that were vacant at night, early in the morning and now. It is desirable that the spaces be removed immediately, as they will be left free. Data on the readiness of the numbers to the settlement must immediately enter the reception and placement service. This way you can not create downtime, there is a large field of activity for the administrator in choosing the required number, which ultimately increases sales significantly.

When guests have left for business and left the rooms, the girls begin cleaning the living quarters. Apartment numbers must be removed by 4 p.m.

The sequence of number cleaning depends on the type of use of the license plate, the specifics of a particular working day, unforeseen situations, etc.

Types of housekeeping:

  • · Current cleaning apartment numbers.
  • · Room cleaning after departure guests.
  • Cleaning between rooms (evening service; cleaning in rooms that are engaged in VIP persons; additional cleaning at the request of customers).