What makes the perfect English breakfast

The English breakfast: traditional recipe for a good start to the day

Who of you has never tried a traditional full English breakfast?

Bacon, scrambled eggs, pork sausages, beans, toast, jam and much more are part of the "Full English Breakfast“, The traditional breakfast that the British love to eat in the morning. And it really is "Full". In contrast to the small, often quick bites that we eat in Germany in the morning, the English Breakfast is always a complete meal.

When it comes to this hearty highlight of English cuisine, opinions usually differ among non-British people: Either you love it or you find it much too lush and takes some getting used to.

Especially on cold winter days The English breakfast offers a really energetic start to the day.

Why is the English breakfast so rich?

The reasons for such a hearty breakfast have a historical background. In the past, such a high calorie start was one very good preparation for a long day at work in the factory or in the field. The substantial breakfast provided the necessary energy for this. Nowadays, so much strength reserves are no longer absolutely necessary, as many jobs are less physically demanding. That is why there are also lighter breakfast options in England for those who prefer to stay in shape and start the day carefree.

How do you prepare an English breakfast?

As mentioned earlier, the Full English Breakfast consists of both sweet and savory foods. Although there are also several healthier breakfast options today, this one remains traditional morning meal nevertheless popular and is especially a weekend nice ritual for the whole family.

Let's look at each other now how to make a traditional Full English Breakfast prepared and what ingredients you need for it.

Ingredients (2 servings)

- 6 sausages
- 4 slices of smoked bacon
- 2 medium sized eggs
- ½ can of beans in tomato sauce (baked beans)
- 2 medium-sized tomatoes cut in half
- 12 cleaned mushrooms
- 4 slices of toast bread
- some butter
- some jam
- 8 oranges
- Mami's Amabile coffee or Ceylon tea


Fry the sausages in the pan on all sides and do the same with the bacon until it is crispy. Keep everything warm in the preheated oven (to 80 ° C). Warm the beans over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Now fry the tomatoes and mushrooms in the same oil as the sausages and bacon and keep them warm in the oven as well. Toast the slices of bread until golden brown, cut them in half diagonally and brush them with butter and, if desired, with jam. Now fry the eggs in a different pan: you can either prepare fried or scrambled eggs, depending on your taste.
Arrange the plates as shown in the picture above.

Coffee or tea: what do you drink with your English breakfast?

At a full English breakfast, the British usually drink a freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of tea. However, over the years it became the traditional one English tea more and more often through the Breakfast coffee replaced, which is best drunk thinly in a large cup.
In order to feel just like in England in your own four walls, the mornings go well with bacon and scrambled eggs a large cup of Amabile from Mamis Caffè best: a creamy mixture, sweet in taste and with a generously soft body, ideal for everyone who loves the strong aftertaste of pure coffee.

Well then: Enjoy your meal!