What are some delicious pizza topping combinations

Pizza with a difference: 22 unusual pizza variations

Pizza donuts

You don't need an oven for this pizza! Why? Very simple: your yeast dough is filled with a tasty, tasty filling and then fried in hot fat. So that the pizza tradition is not completely lacking, your pizza donuts are finally given a classic topping made of melting cheese and salami. To the recipe

Crunchy avocado pizza

Only thinly sliced ​​avocados fan out so nicely on your pizza. Use a ripe avocado that is still firm. Green pesto gives the mild topping additional flavor. To the recipe

Sweet banana and chocolate pizza

Banana and chocolate cream are an unbeatable combination anyway. But when the whole thing is spread over yeast dough and served as a sweet pizza, those with a sweet tooth will be completely thrilled. To the recipe

Pancake Pizza - From the pan

With this pizza, the freezer compartment remains closed and the oven off. What you need is a pan! Then wholegrain dough, pizza sauce and mozzarella come in, put the lid on and your homemade "pancake pizza" is ready! To the recipe

Crunchy pizza sticks

After popsicles, waffles and cakes on a stick, these savory snacks made it onto a stick! And the delicious pizza sticks not only look good enough to eat, they are also quickly baked! To the recipe

Pizza croissant

A real eye-catcher! "Funghi" with onions and mushrooms. “Salami” with olives and spicy sausage slices. Or the classic “Margherita” with mozzarella and basil? Try something new and enjoy your favorite pizza straight out of the croissant. To the recipe

Hearty pizza waffles

What happens when a fluffy base comes out of the waffle iron and is covered with a delicious tomato and mozzarella topping? The result is a perfect, new combination: a hearty pizza waffle! To the recipe

Crispy breakfast pizza with fried egg

Pizza already goes for breakfast! No, not the cold, sad remnant from last dinner. But fresh, crispy and with a fried egg on top. To the recipe

Pizza out of the glass

Let your pizza just disappear in the glass. How it works? Fill in the ingredients, bake and then ... get a fork and enjoy the delicious taste! To the recipe

Sweet pizza with apple and sprinkles

If you've always fantasized about an apple pie pizza fusion, your dreams will come true with this sweet pizza. Buttery sprinkles are also available on top. To the recipe

Taco pizza rolls with minced meat filling

Fill your Italian pizza rolls Mexican with spicy minced meat and melting cheese. Add some sour cream and tomatoes on top and you will see: This is a perfectly successful fusion! To the recipe

Veggie pizza rolls Caprese

Italy fans watch out! Here, fresh yeast dough is filled with green pesto, melting mozzarella and dried tomatoes and turned into fluffy pizza rolls. Happs for Happs a pizza delight for lovers of Mediterranean flavors. To the recipe

Pizza bag

To re-bake our pizza bag, all you have to do is fill the dough with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and tomatoes. Now wrap the filling in braided dough, bake until golden brown and just enjoy! To the recipe


Fruity granola pizza

Here everything comes on a crispy granola base: yogurt, quark, desiccated coconut, berries and bananas. Then all you need to do is put them in the fridge. The result: a pizza that tastes healthy, fresh and delicious! To the recipe

Pizza Cake

For this hearty cake, several pizzas are stacked in a tall springform pan and baked until golden brown. The result is a great pizza cake with melting mozzarella and spicy salami, a fruity tomato sauce and crispy batter. To the recipe

Bubble-up pizza with salami

Visually Italian, tastes American - the bubble-up pizza comes first in the pan, then in the oven and thanks to the batter for baking and salami slices it is super fluffy and really spicy! To the recipe

Cauliflower pizza with pesto, zucchini and red cabbage

Thanks to the spicy cauliflower base, this healthy vegetable pizza does not require any yeast dough. Just sprinkle some pesto and fresh vegetables over the top - and your delicious low-carb pizza is ready! To the recipe

Eggplant pizza

The main ingredients for this variant of Margherita are an eggplant, chopped tomatoes, salt, oil, herbs and cheese. Is there nothing missing? No! Because you can safely do without white flour with this pizza and enjoy it without a guilty conscience! To the recipe

Watermelon "pizza" with olives and feta

This watermelon not only looks good, but also looks good. The combination with hearty feta and spicy olives makes it wonderfully refreshing and delicious - and also prepared in a flash. To the recipe

Quinoa pizza bowls

A pizza to spoon! In these bowls, peppers, onions, salami and cheese are layered on top of quinoa - soaked in tomato sauce. The popular taste, made very quickly! To the recipe

Pizza cupcakes with salami, peppers and mushrooms

Grab your muffin tin, fill in batter, pizza sauce, mini salami and fresh vegetables and put them in the oven - the result is hearty pizza cupcakes that are simply irresistible! To the recipe

Mini tortilla pizza

Have you ever tried to make small pizzas out of wheat flatbreads? Not? Then now is the time! Pizza sauce, mozzarella, paprika and mushrooms on top, bake in the muffin pan and in no time you have conjured up these little delicacies! To the recipe