You can remove a Snapchat filter

Image editing: Remove objects from a photo

Do you like to take photos with your smartphone, but are not entirely satisfied with your results? Mostly only that is missing suitable app for photo editing for the finishing touch.

We'll show you how from your snapshots professional photos become. This is how you can easily delete objects or strangers from your picture.

The right tool at hand

TouchRetouch is best for removing unwanted subjects from the picture. The app offers this all the necessary tools such as brushes for retouching or video tutorials within the application.

This example shows you what TouchRetouch can do.

First, enlarge the area to be processed with a simple drag motion with your fingers.

Then select the second tool from the lower bar with a tap of your finger. With this brush mark the offending object in the picture.

In the top left corner, TouchRetouch will show you a Enlargement of the area marked in red. You can also choose the brush size as you like.

Then select the fifth icon from the bottom bar. On the triangle stands begin. In a few seconds overwrites and deletes the app the unwanted area. TouchRetouch uses the area around the deleted object for correction.

See the comparison of the photo here before and after retouching.

You can see the process on a picture repeat as often as you like. So only what you really want to see remains in the photo.

When you are satisfied with the result, tap to save on the floppy disk symbol at the bottom right.

Download TouchRetouch for iPhone and iPad

Download TouchRetouch for Android

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