What is the national food of Canada

Canada culinary

With the start of the Olympic Games, the host nation Canada is also moving into the spotlight. Canada is a melting pot of cultures, which connoisseurs will quickly find out. Canadian specialties such as bison meat, wild rice, salmon or blueberries have their origins in Canada's rich nature.

International kitchen

Canada is an immigration country, which has had a major impact on the country's cuisine. While in the past mainly people from Europe came to Canada, today more and more Asians, Africans and Latin Americans are immigrating. In cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto you can now eat everything from sushi to sauerkraut to Ethiopian delicacies. The Chinese quarters - called Chinatowns - in Vancouver and Toronto are a fascinating world. Amazing authentic Chinese dishes are served here.

Québec: Poutine and Tourtière

French is spoken in the province of Québec. Accordingly, the culinary preferences are shaped by French cuisine. The most famous dishes from this part of the country are poutine and tourtière. Poutine is french fries with cheese (cheddar or mozzarella) and gravy. Meat cakes are also popular, such as the pâte chinois and the tourtière. For a pâte chinois, minced beef is gratinated with mashed potatoes. Tourtière is a meat cake made from minced pork that is topped with batter. Tourtière is traditionally eaten in Québec at Christmas or New Year.

Maple syrup

A culinary classic in Canada is maple syrup. The leaf of the maple is even featured on the national flag. Maple syrup pancakes (maple syrup pancakes) are a popular breakfast buffet across Canada. Maple syrup is not only poured over pancakes, but is also used for cakes (maple pie), cookies, candies and jams. Children love “Maple Taffy”. For this, a hot maple syrup and butter mixture is poured onto the snow and then rolled up with a stick: the lollipop is ready!

Sweet pastries

Canadians love it sweet. Pies such as pumpkin pie, brown sugar pie or apple pie (pumpkin, sugar and apple pie) are popular. A specialty from British Columbia is the Nanaimo Bar. The base consists of a base of chocolate brownies. This is followed by a layer of custard topped with a layer of dark chocolate. The cake from the 50s is available in every Canadian bakery. Another hit with Canadian people with a sweet tooth is the beaver tail, a sweet pastry in the shape of a beaver tail. The “dough tail” is topped with chocolate cookies, apples, vanilla cream or simply sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Canadian game

In addition to the “usual” game species, caribou, bison and elk are also eaten in Canada. A wide variety of dishes are prepared from game meat, so bison is not only offered as a steak or fillet, but is also served as spaghetti Bolognese. Moose burgers and stews with moose meat are also prepared in some places. Incidentally, the animals do not come from the wild but are bred for this purpose. Wild animals may only be hunted and consumed by registered hunters or indigenous people. Be careful with unusual types of meat such as beaver or bear. Occasionally offered in remote locations, these may contain pathogens.