Are shelters good for the animals?

What happens to the animals in the shelter?

First of all, the animals get accurate examined and from vet treated in case they are injured or sick. Many animals often have to go first "Pampered" to cope with the shock of giving up or being exposed halfway. Unfortunately, you cannot help with this, because if something does happen, the carers are insured - you cannot. In some animal shelters, however, there is the possibility to go for a walk with the dogs on a voluntary basis (i.e. without getting any money for it; you do it because helping is an honor). Since it differs from animal shelter to animal shelter, you have to ask. If it is possible, this would be a good preliminary exercise for your own dog: You can learn how much work it is and that you have to go out in any wind and weather and even if you have a cold!

In the shelter, the animals are now and waiting for a new family. Since even an animal shelter is full at some point and cannot be a substitute for a family, it is very important that people come and get the animals out. So if you have thought carefully and really have the time and the sense of responsibility for an animal, the right animal lover goes to the animal shelter and thus helps one of the lonely animals to be happy again. These animals are often much more affectionate than others because they have been waiting so much for a new friend.

How long the time it takes for an animal to have a family again varies greatly. Young and pretty animals usually don't wait long, often only a few days. Older or chronically ill animals, on the other hand, often sit for weeks and months, maybe even years. And sometimes they die behind the bars without ever having a family of their own again. Some people who are particularly fond of animals therefore take in these animals and give them a good evening. They accept not having the animal for so long because they know how much these animals suffer in particular in the shelter.


Often people wonder that they are in the shelter for an animal to pay money have to. This is because the animal has been around for a while and during this time Food, water, warmth, medication, and maybe even an operation needed. The animal shelter workers do not earn anything from the price of the animal.

Unfortunately, there are always times when the animal shelter is full to the brim with abandoned animals - then the employees call other animal shelters and ask if there is still space there. All over Germany, more than 400 animal shelters and 700 local animal welfare associations have come together under the umbrella organization of the German Animal Welfare Association, Europe's largest animal and nature conservation organization.

The Looking for a new family is that Main taskan animal shelter, the employees (many of them work in their spare time and without getting paid for it) solve many other problems as well. For example answer questions on the phone about animal husbandry, but also about wild animals.

In addition there is Programs for catching and neutering wild catsso that there are not more and more kittens who have to lead their lives on the street. Because cats are no longer real wild animals and can only cope with life to a limited extent.

If there are enough volunteers, the animal shelter will be happy to provide Information booths at festivals to tell people as much as possible about animal husbandry. Because only if you know enough about the needs of the animal in advance, it will be able to feel comfortable with humans.


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Photos: Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker (NzL)