How are drones used?

What can drones do?

You see them ascending more and more often: Small drones that are equipped with a camera and can take pictures from the air.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can fly remotely and fully automatically.

They are also called flying robots, quadrocopters or multicopters, depending on which drive they are flying with.

Where are drones used?

  • Originally, drones were used in the military. Reconnaissance drones are equipped with special cameras and have the task of flying over poorly accessible areas and taking photos or films.

    They are deployed in areas of crisis, for example after earthquakes or forest fires, or war zones in which enemies are sought.

    These drones can fly further and higher than normal passenger planes and are controlled by pilots from Earth.
    Combat drones have weapons on board and deadly missiles can be detonated remotely. That is why there are many people who are against the use of such armed drones.

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  • But drones can also do exactly the opposite! Namely, save lives and be fun.

    The fire brigade tests multicopters for rescue and fire-fighting purposes, and the police use drones to photograph accident sites or solve crimes.

    Scientists all over the world are working on aircraft that should make our lives easier. For example, at some point drones should deliver packages or deliver pizza orders to us.

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Attention, flying robots! Who can fly?

Everyone is allowed to fly a copter, but most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 14 years for safety reasons. It is therefore best to always get an adult co-pilot for support, as a crash can be dangerous. It also depends on how heavy the copter is. Different rules apply depending on the size! All drones that weigh more than 25 grams need a license plate or sticker, for example.

Your parents must take out special liability insurance for model aircraft for you. A normal liability insurance is not enough in the event of a copter accident. In principle, private individuals are not allowed to fly drones that are heavier than five kilograms. You are not allowed to fly everywhere either. Therefore, never fly near airfields, airports, prisons, large groups of people, military areas, nature reserves or residential areas!

You are only allowed to fly your copter 100 meters high and only as far as you can see the copter with your own eyes. You shouldn't just use a copter like Niklas used in the article with Eric, because you can fly out of sight with the help of the glasses. Here a certain altitude must be observed and for such flight maneuvers you need permits and a corresponding flight area.

Important when flying and landing

You are only allowed to land your copter with the consent of the property owner. It is therefore best to fly in open areas where it cannot endanger or disturb anyone. While spying can be fun, never fly over strangers or neighbors and never take photos of them without asking them first.

All other applicable rules can be found in the Drone Ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.


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