Indians are very immune to allergies

Short-term therapy can also help with pollen allergies

SIT is the only causal therapy for type 1 allergies. However, conventional desensitization takes a very long time. More than 50 syringes must be injected for three to five years to successfully desensitize. However, if you are allergic to grass / rye pollen and tree pollen, the treatment time can be shortened considerably with the Pollinex Quattro allergy vaccination. This is made possible by a combination of allergoids and the TH1 cell-stimulating adjuvant Monophosphoryl Lipid-A (MPL®).

With the allergoids, higher doses can be administered in shorter periods compared to unchanged allergens. This is what Dr. Karl Jürgen Drachenberg from Bencard at an event in Hamburg. In principle, this vaccination is based on the same principle as conventional long-term SIT, according to Drachenfels. Therefore, the protection also exists for ten years.

The fact that the short-term immunotherapy has proven itself in practice has been proven in an ongoing observation of more than 3000 pollen allergy sufferers. So far, 324 patients have been treated with it for three years in this study. Before the allergy vaccination, 45 percent of the patients regularly took medication for symptomatic treatment of allergies. After immunotherapy, it is only eight percent, so Drachenfels.

The proportion of patients who only occasionally required additional medication increased from 16 to more than 50 percent. Almost three percent did not take any medication before SIT, and 33 percent after therapy. After just one year, according to Drachenfels, the allergy symptoms were significantly reduced in 88 percent of the patients compared to the previous year, after three years this was the case in 93 percent of the patients. The doctors rated the tolerability of SIT as very good or good in more than 90 percent of the patients.