Why do some elderly people graze

In old age / getting older

Loving god,
sometimes I painfully realize that my mother / father has grown old.

You know about my worries that I worry about him / her:
about health, which is not just for the best;
about the fears that torment him / her of loneliness, of one's own weaknesses, of forgetfulness, of being dependent on outside help, of death;
about the sleepless nights in which she / he is worried - also about me and my life paths;
about her / his questions about where she / he made mistakes and became guilty;
about his / her doubts whether you are really there and accompany him / her in old age.

You know about my hopes that I have for him / her,
that you may keep his / her health - physical and mental - for a long time to come;
that you meet her / him in her / his fears and transform them into confidence and serenity;
that you yourself are her / his light in the dark nights and she / he can trustingly place her / his worries in your hands in the belief that your peace is higher than our reason and also than our fears;
that she / he gives her / his life decisions and guilt to you and then can breathe freely and the thought circles come to an end;
that you let him / her feel your closeness and the certainty of your company, even as you get older and older.

I thank you for all the times my mother / father was there for me,
cared for me, cherished me, raised me, let go of me, trusted me,
in which her / his open arms received me, she / he defended me - sometimes maybe even from himself,
for all the good conversations, for the many hugs, for all the support.
Sometimes I have the impression that she / he doesn't even know how many parts of my life she / he was and still is there for me,
where the knowledge of her / his love for me is a great comfort and encouragement, even if she / he may not know about all my worries.

I thank you for this mother / father and ask you that you let us enjoy the time we still have together;
that we use the opportunities for good conversations with one another;
that we keep our eyes and hearts open for one another.
Bless you my mother / father.

(M. Wejwer)