Who are the most influential economists right now?

The complete ranking of the “Economists Influence Ranking” 2020

A total of 40 economists are represented in the ranking. Six women economists are now among the most influential specialists in Switzerland.

The most important changes at a glance

■ To the highest newcomers belongs to Didier Sornette from ETH Zurich. Although the risk researcher is strong in research, he has seldom made any public statements so far. At the beginning of the year, however, he provided information on the risks of the corona pandemic, which raised him to the ranking. The second noticeable new addition is Isabel Martinez. The young economist from ETH Zurich has made a name for herself with research on inequality and taxation. As a result, it is increasingly being heard in the media and among politicians.

■ To the Relegation include Ralf Seiz from the University of St. Gallen (15th in the previous year) and the Austrian economist Friedrich Schneider (16th in the previous year). Both of them hardly appeared in the Swiss media this year or were rarely mentioned by politicians. They therefore fell out of the top 40.

■ As most influential economist Monika Bütler from the University of St. Gallen placed again. The economic politician has been widely heard in the media and politics for years, currently she works in the economic expert group of the Swiss Covid-19 Task Force. The young development economist and finance scientist Dina Pomeranz from the University of Zurich came in 13th. This year, four more women economists have made it into the ranking. In addition to Isabel Martinez, these are the well-known macroeconomist Beatrice Weder di Mauro, the environmental economist Irmi Seidl and the Zurich business economist Margit Osterloh.

The table is interactive and can be sorted according to the various categories.

Monika Bütler and Dina Pomeranz as the best-placed economists