Which animal has no visible ears?

7 exciting facts about the sense of hearing in the animal kingdom

Exciting information about ears and the sense of hearing in the animal kingdom! As for the ears and the sense of hearing, the animal kingdom has a lot of extraordinary things to offer. Animals often have incredibly fine hearing. And yet set not all their ears just for listening a. There are even animals that have no ears and can still hear.

7. African elephant

Category: air conditioning

The African elephant has the largest ears. But why actually? Maybe so that the trunk doesn't look so big? Small joke! So no doubt he has to hear it, right? Nothing. The ears are like huge fans. When the sun burns down on its skull and the air shimmers with heat, the elephant pumps blood to its ears. He fanned diligently and the cooled blood flows back into the body. It's like holding your wrists under cold water. Forest elephants and Asian elephants have much smaller ears because they mainly live under a canopy of tropical leaves.

African Elephant - Photo: JONATHAN PLEDGER / Shutterstock

6. Fennec

Category: Mega eavesdroppers and air conditioning

The fennec is a desert fox. While he is only 40 cm tall himself, his ears are 15 cm long! It doesn't miss a single smell that quickly, not even a beetle crawling around on the sand. In addition, the fennec uses his ears like the elephant - to cool down.

Fennek - Photo: Cat Downie / Shutterstock

5. bat

Category: Super eavesdroppers

The brown long-eared ear has the largest ears in relation to its body size. The bat hears sounds that we humans do not perceive. The animal is only 5 cm long, but has 4 cm long ears. It is as if a person had ears that are about four feet long. The bat could hardly care less about the threat of "I'll pull your ears out".

4. Owl

Category: 3D eavesdroppers

Owls have extraordinary "hearing aids". It can hardly be seen, but with the barn owl, one ear is slightly higher than the other. On purpose! The nocturnal owls that fly around so noiselessly can "hear in 3D" in this way. One ear listens downwards, the other upwards.

Barn Owl - Photo: Mark Medcalf / Shutterstock