Can wheels on suitcases be exchanged

Replace suitcase rollers

In order to be able to offer the exchange of suitcase roles in more cities, we launched the NETWORK ROLLENTAUSCH at the beginning of 2020. We cooperate with state-approved workshops for disabled people (WfbM) and with inclusion companies (IF), which we give technical advice and supply with material.

Prices, addresses of our acceptance points and all other information can be found on the page of the network role swap.

Replace the case roles yourself

The often inferior - or simply worn out - roles of most cases can almost always be exchanged for high-quality, ball-bearing ones. This usually makes the case much quieter and easier to move by hand. If the case is otherwise in order, it is almost always worth replacing it. It can be done by an experienced hobby craftsman or by us.

The wheels of the 4-wheel suitcase are relatively easy to replace yourself. The bolted two-wheeled wheel arches make more trouble. It gets uncomfortable with two-wheeled suitcases with riveted wheelhouses. Here the drilled rivets have to be replaced by screws. If you run into problems at work “on the go”, please feel free to contact our Service Case Roll Replacement.


With most 2-wheel suitcases, the rollers are accessible from the inside, the inner lining of the suitcase usually has a zipper that can be opened. This is how you get to the plastic storage frames. Normally there is no need to remove these storage frames. Then the diameter and width of the rolls must be measured. The diameter of the rollers should be chosen as large as possible, the width 1-2mm narrower, so that a washer fits in on the left and right to prevent the wheel from grinding on the bearing frame. But if necessary, it can also work without discs. Skate shops, roller shops or the well-known Internet platforms (for example “e ** y”) are good sources. Order ball bearings and fastening screws (special parts for skaters) at the same time!

In the case of 4-wheel suitcases, only the rollers have to be removed.

Remove axles

The best way to remove the old axles is to saw or flex the rollers in the middle. Sawing direction along the diameter plane of the rollers, perpendicular to the axis. Do not try to drill out the fastening rivets - this can easily damage the axle mounts.

Insert new roles

If possible, install a washer on the left and right to avoid grinding noises, coat the thread of the screws with screw locking adhesive, linseed oil or, if necessary, all-purpose adhesive so that they do not loosen. Most of the time the screws already have a blue or green blob on the thread - this is the screw locking adhesive.