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Smart clothes from Apple could be good for your health

01/11/19 from

Christoph Lübben

Will the "iJacke" come at some point in the future? Apparently Apple has developed an interest in smart clothing - at least a patent suggests it. With technology, different things would be possible in the areas of health and entertainment.

The patent filed with the relevant US office describes how technology could be integrated into clothing without cables and immobile motherboards interfering with the wearer. As reported by AppleInsider, Apple is considering conductive yarn to be woven into clothing. This makes it possible to conduct electrical signals through fabric without any cables.

Jacket with a display?

For example, Apple could combine different sensors in one item of clothing. Components such as heart rate sensors are very small and shouldn't be a nuisance in clothing. For example, sweatbands that measure your heartbeat would be conceivable. Or gloves that offer such a feature. Apparently, the clothes should then communicate with your iPhone and exchange information.

Apparently Apple is also thinking about a connection between technology and substance on a larger scale. The patent also describes the use of screens in clothing. Smart clothes could offer interesting functions, especially with a foldable display. A conceivable example would be a smart jacket that not only keeps an eye on your health, but also shows you new notifications from your iPhone - directly via a screen sleeve.

As is customary with patents, it remains unclear whether Apple is still pursuing the idea of ​​smart clothing and continuing research in this direction. So it is not yet foreseeable whether one day products with names like "iJacke" or "Gloves XS Max" will be presented by the manufacturer from Cupertino - alongside AirPods that fit in both ears.