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On the subject "Sports Australia“There is a lot to report as the Australians are a real sports-loving nation. Football, rugby, surfing, horse racing, tennis, boomerang throwing, soccer or cricket are definitely an indispensable part of everyday life in Australia. Regardless of whether it's just watching or doing your own physical activity, all Aussies love their sport, which is often fundamentally different from the favorite Central European sports.


Overview of the most popular sports

The most popular sports on the 5th continent are listed and briefly explained below:


Footy, rugby & soccer

Australian Football (Aussie Rules) or just "footy" is a full-contact sport that is very reminiscent of rugby, but with decisive differences in the rules of the game. It should be noted, for example, that Australian football does not have an offside rule. Passes are made either with a shot or a hand pass (one hand holds the ball, the fist knocks it away). The player in possession of the ball must bounce the ellipsoidal ball (rugby egg) every 15 meters. The playing field is also elliptical and therefore resembles the shape of the ball. The league of Australian football is the so-called "Australian Football League" (AFL).

But also the classic one rugby is so popular on the 5th continent that it is even part of the curriculum in some schools.

It should also be mentioned that the one that is so incredibly popular in Europe Soccer is also becoming increasingly popular down under. This is certainly due to the fact that the Australian Socceroos have always been able to improve in recent years. Whether at the 2006 World Cup in Germany or the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Socceroos have proven that their fighting spirit is by no means to be underestimated.


Tennis, swimming & motorsport

Another very popular sport in Australia is tennis, which was very popular due to the well-known Australian Open in Melbourne. This Grand Slam tournament takes place every January in "Melnourne Park" and is played on a lawn. The center court of the Australian Open is the "Rod Laver Arena", which can hold 14,820 spectators.

The next would be hugely popular sport swim to call. Almost all Australians love it and start practicing this water sport very early. Due to the optimal climatic conditions and the countless beaches, this is not surprising.

But also that Motorsport is very popular with the Aussies. Whether the Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1 in the famous Albert Park Circuit (Melbourne) or the Australian Grand Prix in motorcycle racing on the Phillip Island Circuit (see Phillip Island), Australians love racing.


Typical sports

Cricket is probably the sport whose rules only an Englishman or other Commonwealth member can understand. The games often last several days and can be watched in every pub. Understandably, cricket is quite boring for anyone who doesn't know the rules of the game and didn't grow up with cricket. For Australians, however, it is always a treat when Australia plays against New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Pakistan or India.

A typical sport in Australia that inspires almost the entire country is that surfing. Due to the perfect waves down under and the optimal weather, surfing has developed into a kind of national sport. No matter if big, small, male or female, almost everyone loves surfing. In the following article you get more information about surfing and have the opportunity to book great surf courses at the most popular surf spots in Australia at the best prices (see article surf school).

Originally that comes from Boomerang throwing by the Aborigines who used the boomerang as a hunting weapon. Today the boomerang is a popular piece of sports equipment that has established itself worldwide. There are now even world championships in boomerang throwing. Here you can find out everything about boomerang.

The last thing would be that horse race to mention, which is more popular in Down Under than in any other country in the world. During the just 3.30 minutes long "Melbourne Cup" (the most important horse race in the country) everything in the country revolves around equestrian sport. One reason for this is most likely the Australians' passion for betting. A good three million bets are made during the Melbourne Cup, which attracts around 100,000 people to the racetrack. On this day life takes place either in the betting shop or in the pub.


Exciting events & tours

If you want to do something yourself, there are many great options available. Whether kayaking, pleasure boating, ski trips, bike tours or jet skiing, all adventurous sports fans should find something here.

This selection consists of the 15 most popular tours & activities in this category. Our full range of offers with many other exciting activities can be found under the menu item "Tours".


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