Where should I learn to surf in Bali

Bali surfing

Bali surfing: The Indonesian island is known worldwide for its top surf spots that invite you to surf and surf. The waves in Bali are up to 4 meters high and are therefore perfect for riding on them.

It all started quite inconspicuously in Indonesia, which was little developed for tourism, but had a lot to offer. And so it came about that around 1930 the first dropouts, emigrants and globetrotters became aware of the island and stayed there for a while. Due to the weather conditions, pearly white beaches and meter-high waves, Bali quickly became one of the top surfing spots worldwide. Meanwhile the surf fever has broken out all over the island and many surf schools and surf equipment shops have settled here.

Learn to surf

Beginners who would like to learn to surf are also welcome! Have you never surfed before? But would you like to learn this in Bali? No problem! Nothing easier than that! A real paradise for professionals as well as beginners.

The best surf spots for beginners are Kuta Beach, Seminyak and Sanur. There are enough surf schools and surf instructors here, and it is relatively easy to learn surfing as a beginner, as the current and the sea bed are sandy and have few stones, reefs and corals. Even for spontaneous people, it is no problem to take lessons. A phone call or a quick stop by the day before is sufficient. To be on the safe side, you should contact us a few days in advance for larger surf courses. Especially in the high season it can happen that you have to wait a bit.

Bali surfing: prices for surfing lessons:

The prices vary a lot. A surf lesson (about 2 to 3 hours) costs between 20 and 40 euros, depending on the situation. Depending on which spots you want to surf, whether transfers are necessary and whether a surfboard rental fee is due.

Please visit professional surf schools which are a bit more expensive and please do not let surfboard rental stations show you how to surf. This is primarily about your safety and this should be important to you.

Please ask for additional insurance for you and the surfboard. In the case of professional schools, this should already be included in the price.