Is the Amazon rainforest protected

Save the Amazon

When the Amazon forest dies, not only does all life in it die. We will all feel the consequences. We step in! Help with your donation.

#ActforAmazonia: The Amazon is on fire

Devastating forest fires are currently raging in the Amazon region. Over 78,000 fires have been counted so far, 85 percent more than in the entire previous year.The fires have two causes: On the one hand, they are deliberately placed in order to make room for more pastures for cattle and for growing soy. And due toDue to the extreme drought, the fire can spread particularly quickly this year. A consequence of the ever faster deforestation! Three soccer fields are cleared every minute. Current calculations assume that 20 percent of the rainforest has disappeared for 40 years.

A fatal development! Because the rainforest has a fantastic ability: it can absorb huge amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) and store the carbon (C) it contains in its plants and in the soil.During this process, as much carbon is stored as will be released all over the world in around ten years! The rainforest therefore lowers the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But the destruction of the rainforest affects not only the climate in South America, but all over the world.

Most areas on which rainforest has been damaged or cleared can develop a closed canopy again within just fifteen years. In this way, the forest is again protected from drying out and fires and is a shelter for the species living here.Let us now work to protect the rainforest. Let us preserve its biodiversity and make an important contribution against global warming!

We are committed to protecting the Amazon in the long term:

  • We are putting pressure on the German government and the EU to renegotiate the Mercosur free trade agreement between the EU and South America.
  • We don't want any agricultural products from illegally felled rainforests. To do this, we have to put pressure on German companies. They have to review the supply chains and live up to their responsibility for the people of South America and nature.
  • In Brazil and the other countries bordering the Amazon, such as Bolivia and Colombia, we are committed to ensuring that protected areas and indigenous territories continue to exist.
  • We are committed to ensuring that deforestation-free supply chains are implemented and adhered to.
  • We demand that no environmentally relevant laws be weakened.

The Amazon rainforest protects numerous species and also our lives. Let's protect him!

Note: Excess donations will be used in other urgent WWF projects.