Is the university in Australia expensive

Tuition fees in Australia

For the accruing tuition fee in Australia students get a lot on offer. The universities are characterized by their modern equipment and first-class teaching quality. The seminar and computer rooms are equipped with the latest technology and there are usually numerous sports and medical facilities on campus.

Cost examples for studying in Australia

The tuition fees vary depending on the university and study program. A few examples of the tuition fees incurred are listed below.

Costs for a semester abroad in Australia

UniversitiesAUD per semester
University of Tasmania5.575
Swinburne University of Technology6.600
Griffith University7.750
The University of Sydney9.000
Bond University10.783
The Australian National University



Cost of Master's degree in Australia

UniversitiesAUD per semester
University of Queensland:
Master of Communication
University of Sydney:
Master of International Business
Monash University:
Master of Advanced Engineering
Master of Laws