Why do guys lick a pussy

Don't men / boys find it disgusting to lick a girl?

okay, the question is a bit embarrassing to me
but I also mean if you wash yourself there .. don't they find that disgusting ..?

I fully agree with Mietze86 ... can speak from experience. My ex-boyfriend thought that was disgusting too, so he didn't do it ..

Why should that be gross ?! % -)

Of course, a normal man doesn't find that disgusting!

Do you find it disgusting to suck a man on a man?

Everyone should decide for themselves!

different, but some like it: D

I also find it disgusting & am a woman: D I couldn't do that, just the idea of ​​it I find repulsive ..

That is always in the eye of the beholder .. Some people find it disgusting, others just can't get enough of it ..

Do you have to ask a man or a woman who likes women

That's the quirky female perception. Men are really turned on when they "can" satisfy women with their mouths.

I also find something disgusting (couldn't do that with a woman) but my friend likes it to my luck. xD

so I think it's just different for everyone;)
but for my part I don't find it disgusting. once had something with a girl ^^

Disgusting? nope, I've never heard it like this. There are some who prefer oral, others less like it - like women too.
the vast majority of men i know love to lick them! ;-)
what should be disgusting about it ... on the contrary, ne nice, well-groomed pussy is something nice?! we don't disgust ourselves with her either.

It is up to you how you feel

So the question is not a fake.
Um .. I think if you smell good .. & are washed ..
that is definitely not disgusting .. If you are well-groomed
does he do that .. That's fun too; D

Nope, I haven't come across yet. The way I see it, the guys love to lick a well-groomed and freshly shaved pussy .... And with their tongue deep inside ... and if they manage to get them to orgasm, they feel afterwards like heroes.

So far I haven't had anyone who finds it disgusting.
The last ones were / are pretty hot on it. My boyfriend always says he's just waiting to get away with licking me someday ...

Those who find it disgusting let it go. Just like women don't blow men when they find it gross. It's just a matter of taste ;-)

I don't know what's great about it ...

I don't see what is offensive about it.
After all, you put your tongue in each other's mouth?!: - D

... unless any pearl happens to smell like fish ... I can imagine it to be very disgusting :-)

I know men who like to do it. :)

I haven't met a man who thinks that's disgusting ... rather the opposite!
but there should be, just like women who don't like bubbles!

I couldn't do it myself, but for most men it's just 'normal' and somehow belongs to them.
If someone thinks it's disgusting, they don't do it. ^^

I don't think that's gross at all. What exactly should be more disgusting about licking a pussy than sucking someone? That doesn't exactly taste "normal". I also think I know that a lot of men love to lick their pussy and that they like it too. Everyone has to know for themselves, but if you wash yourself properly, licking pussy can be really fun. I would also like to lick a pussy ...

What do you all have against licking the pussy? As msalright already writes, this is nothing more than licking his cock. Everyone tastes different and I don't find the topic embarrassing at all. Come on, let's be honest: You also like to have your pussy licked, right? Every girl is secretly on it.